February 21, 2014

Passion Tree | Brisbane CBD

Other than breakfasts, i very much thoroughly enjoy dessert cafes. Passiontree has been established in the city now for a little while and offers a variety of desserts, from frozen yoghurt, to macarons, baked pastries, coffee, fondues and waffles.

The primary reason i really wanted to go here was to try the Honey Bread. Basically a chunk of bread, cubed, toasted then drizzled with honey and cream with berries/almonds on the side. Deliciously sweet and deliciously overwhelming at the same time. It's a bit of an odd mixture of sweet and savoury... well not really since the entire dish is actually quite sweet - it's more so the fact that the toasted bread is the 'base' of the dessert. Definitely satisfying - would probably recommend coffee with this to balance out the sweetness!

Green Tea Bingsoo was the other dessert we ordered at the the same time (probably not the greatest idea considering how heavy and filling the honey bread is), but it was a spur of the moment, again, no regrets. Green tea always has a soft spot in my heart, you just can't really go wrong with it. Anyway, the bingsoo is basically a green tea shaved iced with red bean (again, delicious), green tea ice and cornflakes. Yep. Cornflakes. Sounds and looks a bit strange, but it definitely makes the dessert a whole lot tastier. It's just the addition of the extra 'crunch'! This dessert isn't as sweet as the honey bread, as green tea generally isn't sweet. So a good alternative for the non-sweet-tooths out there.

Alternatively, there is a range of baked goods as well, mostly asian bakery goods, if you haven't tried any before, passiontree is a good place to start - it's displayed in cabinet so you pick and choose then pay at the end of the counter. 

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