January 15, 2014

The Rogue Rennard | Paddington

Okay everyone. Let's have a minute to drool over and admire how green and delicious the sliced avocado looks. And let's face it, we like to eat food that not only taste delicious, but looks good. (we all know that instagram needs to see it first right? :P ) It's true as they say that you eat with your eyes first ... or something along those lines haha. I actually just made that up.

What's with cafes being sneaky all of a sudden? I only accidentally came across this on instagram, and hence as i made my way to paddington, I probably walked past this a few times before resorting to google maps (sad, i know). But anyhow, this cafe is somewhat semi-tucked from the main road, the actual counter is inside next to a hair salon, and outside is like an open courtyard with tables and chairs for you to sit.

While I have only tried the one item on the menu, the Avocado, Persian fetta, pine nuts and pistachio on sourdough. What i really like about this, is the simple addition of the pistachios, it really adds that extra something to a dish as simple as just avocado on toasted sourdough.  Just having tried this one dish is enough to entice me back to try the rest of the menu. Good work Rogue Rennard on the delicious presentation!

The Rogue Rennard on Urbanspoon
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