December 3, 2013

Monty's Chocolate | Brisbane CBD

selection of hand made chocolate, liquid salted caramel ball, chocolate covered coffee bean, handful of french candies and single origin dark chocolates, as well as a sample of hot chocolate

This place. Sneakily tucked away off Adelaide Street - if you don't know where it is, i bet that you've probably actually walked past this place already without even realising it. This place honestly is a gem. The chocolate here is on another level. Not your regular Cadbury, Lindt or Nestle chocolate you know? None of that commercialised stuff (Don't get me wrong - i'll still eat and enjoy it on days when i need a sugar hit). But honestly, you're really in for a bit of a treat here!

This place doesn't scream out 'fine chocolates' or 'fancy' - rather you will find a really quaint place instead. Offerings of several different chocolates line the wall - and a menu is found towards the back of the shop. The menu has a few different offerings, but if you're a first time visitor, it's probably a good idea to try the sampling plate. Especially if you're wanting to delve into finer chocolate. The gentleman who works there is very knowledgeable about chocolate - if you start up a conversation about chocolate, be prepared to be educated! So on the tasting plate (for one) there is an array of chocolates which ranges in sweetness. My favourite out of the plate has to be the raspberry white chocolate and the salted caramel ball and the chocolate covered coffee bean (first picture, middle tray). The liquid salted caramel ball is ridiculous - literally bursts in your mouth and is just full of chocolate-y caramel goodness. Have yet to taste any other chocolate sweet that is comparable to this! It is a must try if you do visit!

Also worth a mention is the hot chocolate, all i can say is that it is amazing, so smooth and rich at the same time - this is definitely one for the chocolate lovers out there. The chocolate at Monty's has a more refined taste - that is, you will be able to tell the difference between commercialised chocolate and what's in store here. If you're in the city, like i said, it really is a hidden gem and worth the visit! (especially for those liquid salted caramel balls and chocolate covered coffee beans!)
**also they do have a store over at Paddington as well!

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