October 11, 2013

The Smoke BBQ | New Farm

As the name of this restaurant suggests - everything here is pretty much off the BBQ grill. Very American, and very delicious. Urbanspoon has a mixture of positive and negative reviews. My experience here was definitely towards the positive side.

The Platter is definitely a good choice if you're stuck between choosing and want to try a little bit of most of the meats, and also a good size if you're planning to share with someone. The platter consists of the Texas Beef Short Rib, Memphis Pork Belly & North Carolina Pulled Pork served with fries & coleslaw. This is the second time i've had the platter with someone, it's a bit of a win or lose with the ribs i find. The first time i had it, the ribs were generous in terms of actual meat on there versus fat and sauce. I mean yes, ribs obviously won't be all mean, but sometimes the ratio can be a bit ridiculous you know? Anyway this time around i found that the ribs were still delicious with the hickory sauce, but lacking a bit in the actual beef department. In terms of the sauce, that's what makes it quite the signature, the smokey flavour that it has. The pork Belly is served grilled and generously dusted with the 'Memphis' seasoning. They got the texture of the pork pretty perfect - very tender and very 'melt in your mouth' kind of texture with the fat from the pork. My favourite from this platter is probably the pulled pork - it's cooked in this vinegar based sauce; really tangy and salty at the same time. The chips were a perfect accompaniment with the pulled pork... the tender and tangy flavours with the salty crunch of chips! There's nothing 'light' when it comes to this platter.

If you're a fan of meat in general, because they don't offer too much variation, then it should be on your places to try list! It has a very casual vibe to it and is perfect for the occasions if you're feeling like a carnivore.

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