October 10, 2013

Opera Bar | [Sydney] CBD

This was a very impromptu breakfast/lunch stop - it was our last day in Sydney and coming to Sydney as a 'tourist' so to speak from Brisbane, it's sort of an obligation to see the Opera House etc. I mean it's like going to a Steak House and not ordering Steak. We only really stumbled upon here because we were much too lazy to go too far for food!

Despite the wait for these baked eggs which both the fatty and i ordered - the wait was very well worth it; i can definitely rate it as one of the 'top baked eggs dish' i've had. The portions were generous - served in a hot pan with a generous amount of delicious home made tomato baked beans and served with 4 slices of crusty toast and butter. Compared to other baked egged dishes which can be more 'soft' in texture with the yolk still runny - these eggs are literally baked into the dish itself - it's definitely a hearty serving.  I guess it's the whole presentation of this, but there's definitely a very home/rustic sort of feel to it, even taste wise so to speak - i mean this in a positive aspect, but there's nothing 'fancy' or 'obscure' about this baked eggs dish, it's just really straight forward. You order baked eggs, you get baked eggs. Unfortunately i can't comment on what the other food here is like, but this breakfast dish left me with a positive opinion about this place (even with the long wait).

**urbanspoon actually doesn't list it with it serving breakfast - so unless it's a new thing they're trying or it was a brunch menu... i can't really clarify, but i am fairly confident this is where we got these baked eggs!

Opera Bar on Urbanspoon

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