October 11, 2013

Ippudo | Sydney CBD

Ippudo Pork Bun

Ippudo; rated as one of the 'tops' on urbanspoon; hard to argue against as the ramen was delicious. The soup base adequately salty, ramen was generous enough and toppings also generous. So while i've commented that the ramen from Ippudo is delicious - and you should order it when you go there. I would like to point out that, personally in my experience there, rather than remembering the taste of the ramen, the Ippudo pork bun probably stole the show. So now onto my rant as to why i enjoyed this more than the ramen! It's basically this delicious little bun topped with mayonaise, lettuce and braised pork. The photo is pretty deceiving as to how delicious it actually tasted; the proportion of mayo, lettuce and pork is just perfect with the soft steamed bun - the braised pork is tender and saucy, combined with japanese mayo - well... it's just great. I could probably eat ten of these. They are just the perfect size to eat as an entree with just the right amount of each ingredient. The buns are super soft - very much like the buns from The Bun Mobile in Brisbane! Words and photos don't do it justice, but this is a definite recommendation if you happen to go there! Now.. if only they would bring this chain up to Brisbane....

Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon

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