September 30, 2013

Reuben Hills | [Sydney] Surry Hills

Dirty Bird - spiced grilled chicken, tomato salsa, pickles, cheese, chipotle aioli on brioche
Soft Baked Eggs with Jamon
Pulled Pork Tacos w queso fresco & pickled okra
***Super-Duper late post; came here back in August

Thanks social media i was able to add this on my 'to do list' in Sydney - Instagram is great, i love looking at food photos; it lets me add to my ever growing list of breakfast places to go to. Upon a few recommendations and just looking at food photos - this place was immediately deemed 'Day 2 in Sydney Breakfast'.

This neat place is located in Surry Hills, tucked into this narrow building which stretches out to accommodate for the crowds. This place gets fairly busy quick, it was around 10:30 and there was already a que for tables.

We ordered 3 dishes to share between the both of us. The Dirty Bird, The soft baked eggs and the pulled pork tacos. The fact that they serve tacos on a breakfast/brunch menu already had me sold. I had the soft baked eggs which was a simple but delicious dish - true to its name, as opposed to a lot of baked egg dishes, this one remained soft and runny - perfect to layer onto the bread with the ham and wilted spinach. While it's presented relatively basic, there's just something 'comforting' and deliciously tasty about having warm, soft baked eggs in cool weather! (yeh this was back in August when the weather was still cooler)

Similarly, the Dirty Bird using simple ingredients made up a very delicious burger that was served on brioche buns as opposed to regular burger buns - it had a very delicious smoky flavour and served very well with the pickles, cheese and salsa. Definitely one of the heartier choice of breakfast options on the menu! The photo for the tacos don't look 100% appealing, but they most definitely tasted better than they looked! A generous amount of pulled pork is served with okra and cheese - very very basic in terms of what is in the tacos; but also very very delicious - the taco isn't overwhelmed with flavours - instead it really highlights on the 'bulk' of the taco which is the pulled pork; in a way it's probably a goof thing the taco isn't jammed packed with different flavours - i mean having a taco that early with so much stuff will only leave you burping up taco for the rest of the day you know?

Reuben Hills really reminds me of a mixture of Cafes in Brisbane - Almost a combination of the style and type of food from Sourced Grocer, Shucked, Cirque, Gramercy & The Cross Town Eating House. What i like about Reuben Hills is that like the places i've mentioned (in Brisbane), the vibe that Reuben Hills give is just really casual and relaxed; from the design of the cafe to the interior - which is industrial like with various lighting, as well as having an open kitchen where you can see the food being prepped - nothing conventional about it. Likewise the menu is the same, it's not everyday you can order tacos or burgers for a breakfast meal. Majority of the ingredients used in each dish are simple, in that it brings out the full flavours of the main elements of the dish. Not to omit, but the coffee here was also pretty great.

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