September 1, 2013

Bills | [Sydney] Surry Hills

Scrambled eggs with avocado, wedge of lemon and toast
I didn't too much research for breakfast places in Sydney when i came here a few weeks back; but upon recommendation from a work colleague, i managed to find my way here to Bill's. She recommended the scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs is what i ordered along with a coffee.

To be completely honest - i knew/know nothing about this place and it's popularity; i only came here from word of mouth you know. But when the eggs arrived i knew that it already looked different - i mean it actually looks so creamy and likewise it tasted creamy. These scrambled eggs were pretty great. Super soft, creamy and buttery - man, these adjectives are very much almost the same eh? Honestly! I've never had eggs so buttery and soft before, it's ridiculous! This meal is super simple, but super delicious, the only thing i requested in addition was the avocado. Which turned out to be an excellent choice... eggs and avocado on toast is pretty perfect.

I came by myself, and while i knew i was short on time for this visit, i wish i also ordered the ricotta cakes - the lady next to me ordered them and they looked amazing as well. The only 'whinge' i have is, that as i've made it a rule of thumb not to talk about cost on this blog, i have to admit, out of all the breakfast places in Brisbane i've been too, nothing can compare to how much this was. I mean this dish was great in all honesty, but the price was definitely a bit steep in my opinion. Okay whinge over.

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  1. love the ricotta hotcakes here, though agree that the prices are a bit steep.


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