September 1, 2013

Beccofino | Teneriffe

Affettati Misti - thinly sliced cure meats with marinated olives
Patate - thinly sliced fried potatoes : excellent side snacking dish!
Pollo Arosto - Roasted chicken supreme, stuffed with prosciutto and provolone, served with a cauliflower gratin
Buddino - steamed toffee pudding with warm custard
Pannacotta - Vanilla bean pannacotta with caramel sauce and toasted pecan praline
My friend and i actually stumbled upon this place one afternoon - in search of a location where we could just eat and relax without the pressure of being ushered out. The first time we came here was late afternoon/early evening. It was only this first time around we both ordered a share plate of cured meats and fried potatoes. The cured meat platter was generous in portion for a shared plate, we both didn't expect the amount of meat, breadsticks and olives it came with. However between the both of us we did clean it up nicely. I can't recall what the types of meats were - they were enjoyable however i wouldn't say there is a 'wow' factor there; just a good dish to nibble on before meals or with a glass of wine. The 'Patate' aka Fried Potatoes on the other hand were great. Again while only a nibbly sort of dish these were just so addictive, super crispy on the outside and a nice moist wedge of potato on the inside; very much like wedges, except less potato - the ratio of crispy skin to potato is just perfect! 

The chicken main was pretty amazing. I know, it's sort of ironic that i go to an Italian restaurant and not order pizza or pasta right? But the description of this dish just couldn't escape my notice. The chicken was deliciously tender and generously stuffed with prosciutto and cheese; that combination there was just awesome. A little bit towards the salty side, understandably, but that's why it's also served on a bed of cauliflower gratin - the blander and creamy flavours (in comparison to the chicken) helped to balance it out. I enjoyed the entirety of this dish - the flavours were really strong; it's only towards the end when you're sitting there that it is then that it starts to weigh on you! This dish is flavoursome, however a little towards the heavy side, with the salty flavours of the cheese and prosciutto stuffed chicken and the creamyness of the cauliflower. The addition of a salad wouldn't be a bad idea with this dish considering how heavy it was with the flavours.

Between my friend and i, one of us had to at least order a pasta dish right? So she ended up with the Tagliatelle al Ragu di Manzo – Flat, long pasta with a beef cheek and red wine ragu; unfortunately no photos because she tucked into it straight away! Like my dish she said she thoroughly enjoyed it and the sauce itself was very flavoursome, however likewise it was also towards the 'heavier' side.

While enjoying the mains; and still with a bit of room left - we couldn't bypass the dessert. I didn't try any of the Buddino which is the steamed pudding, but just from the picture you can see that it's quite creamy and like my friend said, likewise with the main, it was a bit too rich and didn't end up finishing it. I had the pannacotta, and my opinions are the same, i couldn't stomach too much of it because i was already full, but the vanilla pannacotta was delicious and was great with the caramel - if anything it's the caramel sauce that makes this dessert amazing. I think between my friend and i, in hindsight, we should of shared considering how full we were.

Beccofino - i can only feel positive about this place; all the dishes were rich in flavour; like i said, a little towards the heavy side in my opinion, but if you're going to visit, be sure to come here with an empty stomach, especially if you're after dinner and dessert! Not to mention the service here is also great, really friendly and welcoming - overall just really nice casual place for dinner and chill time.

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