September 1, 2013

Cirque | New Farm

special omelette of the day - it's huge! 
grilled chunky cheese omelette with potato and mushroom
corn fritters = amazing.

Hi Everyone! Long time no blog. I've been a bit distracted so to say in the past month so i haven't been up to date with my blog posts... You could say with the change in status with work, going to Sydney for the weekend, the Fatty coming down for the week in Brisbane and just catching up with friends.. I've just been enjoying and absorbed with life! So a lot of these posts that will pop up today and in the next few days are places i've been to in the past month/revisited - so if you follow me on instagram a lot of these photos will be pretty familiar.

I've mentioned Cirque before a little while ago - like my first post, i still stand by the same opinions i had the first time - great food, great value. The chunky grilled omelette with potato, mushroom and cheese was divine. This was one of the omelettes form the 'special' board, so unfortunately not a regular menu item. However if you do get the chance to try the grilled omelettes, i would definitely recommend. On ordering the grilled omelette the waitress kindly did let me know that would be a longer wait - which i didn't mind - but definitely nice to be informed, because one of the worse feelings is thinking they've forgotten your order if you're left waiting for too long (which has happened to me a few times in the past)! So props to that. The omelette itself is very generous in size, almost the same size as the plate; not to mention it's not thin and flimsy either. I thought the use of potato in an omelette is a great idea - a good ingredient to 'bulk' up the dish as to say, also great in combination with cheese and mushrooms (two of my favourite food items!) - i did end up finishing the entire omelette but towards the end it somehow would of been better to just let the omelette defeat me...

The Corn fritters is one of the regular items on the menu - after contemplating and looking at a few photos from urbanspoon, i bit the bullet and ordered this. Am most definitely glad i did because it is delicious! The photo just doesn't do it justice. Corn Fritters = amazing. Super chunky, a bit crispy on the outside but the inside was soft and doughy in texture with generous amounts of corn. The relish on the side definitely gave these fritters an extra hit with flavours... only regret is not having avocado with this! After seeing more photos i just think how i didn't think to ask for it as a side! 

Cirque is usually always quite busy, even in the early hours when it opens - all the times i've been is usually just a bit past when the door opens and service has always been pleasant, despite some of the reviews on urbanspoon, my experience has always been positive!

Cirque on Urbanspoon

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