July 7, 2013

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican | Fortitude Valley

Spicy Cheese Fries - all that cheese!
Chicken Nachos
Spicy Chicken Enchilada 

Anyone within my vicinity for the past week has probably heard about my cravings for nachos, tacos and pretty much anything cheesy. For some crazy and stupid reason, i've been craving them ever since i had them in Melbourne. I guess it also doesn't help that the weather has been ridiculously dreary - all i want to do is eat junk and sleep. haha.

Tuckeria is a little joint in the Valley, past the brunswick street mall and opposite the judith wright centre if that gives you any idea. The menu here is straight forward - it offers a few variations to tacos, nachoes, enchiladas, quesidilla and fries. Of the options we chose the spicy cheese fries, spicy chicken nachos and spicy chicken enchiladas. The nachos, enchiladas and quesilla on the menu has a 'standard' ingredients that are in them and the optional choices are the meats (chicken, beef, vegetarian) to go with it and the spicy-ness of the dish.

We sampled the nachos first - to be honest just by looking at them, they already looked like a 'healthier' version of nachos for some reason; the amount of filling was very generous - lots of beans, salsa, chipotle sauce and chicken. All served on a bed of crunchy tortilla chips! What i really enjoyed was the use of actual tortilla chips rather than corn chips in the meal, and also the generous amount of chicken and beans which were in this - in having said that, what i found lacking was the amount of cheese and sauce! I guess it's personal preference, but i do enjoy my nachos to be more cheesy! I found that the lack of sauce and cheese made the nachos a bit lacking in flavour overall. Hence why i said this appears to be a 'healthier' nachos version.

The Spicy Enchiladas was definitely a step up in taste from the nachos - it was perfectly cheesy and full of chicken! Again, we chose the spicy filling, but we personally didn't find them spicy at all! The only problem with eating this is that it becomes super messy due to the soft corn tortillas - messy but still delicious. Quite enjoyed this one because of the amount of chicken and cheese in this!

The spicy cheese fries is like a fatty's dream come true. Potato and cheesy goodness. Cheese just makes everything taste just a bit better. Chips on its own is already pretty delicious - add in the cheese and spicy salt and it pretty much goes from an A to an A+. If you're craving something absurdly unhealthy (because they probably are) go for the cheese fries. The only thing again, is that it wasn't distinctly spicy at all. This could be due the the fact that i eat a fair of spicy food that i've become desensitised, but still! What's with it!

Tuckeria while i can't vouch for 'authenticity' of mexican food - i can definitely say it's a bit of a step up from Guzman (i still like guzman! one of the only fast food joints i would willingly eat!). With this, i can say my cravings for nachos and cheesy goodness is only somewhat satisfied. It just didn't compare to what i had in Melbourne!

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