July 20, 2013

The Crosstown Eating House | Woolloongabba

Fish Taco

Spicy Chorizo Bake

Who says you can't have tacos for breakfast? The fact that i saw tacos on the breakfast menu was already a good idea to come here, i was pretty much blind to whatever else was to offer. Following my intense craving for tacos - little did i know, it followed through to breakfast. I don't usually look up menus before going somewhere - i generally just like to go and be pleasantly surprised.

I enjoyed the fish taco immensely. The fish was panfried and cooked well - crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside, the fillings that accompanied the fish were an excellent combination - avocado, tomato salsa, sour cream, and black beans; served with a wedge of lime. The addition of the lime really 'lifted' the flavours of this taco. This dish was refreshing in flavours and taste as opposed to other breakfast choices. While it was substantial that i was full after eating this, at the same time it was light - it wasn't a greasy meal despite it being a taco! If anything, i felt this was a more 'healthy' breakfast choice!

The Fatty chose the spicy chorizo bake with potato kipfler potatoes and tomatos served with a fried egg on top and a side of toast. Again, another excellent combination of ingredients for this dish! Loved the taste of chorizo with potatoes  and together with the tomato to break up the saltiness of this dish. It's literally a serving of savoury goodness. The size of the meal is deceptively small - served in a small bowl, but filled to the top with chorizo and potatoes.  The additional egg, an extra element to the dish, served its purpose to 'bulk' up the meal. Definitely a more heartier meal compared to the taco.

What i also liked about this place is the simple decor - nothing to absurdly decked out; just artfully simple with vintage posters and frames littered across the walls; complimenting the fact that this cafe is situated in an old building in the busy strip in Woolloongabba. The menu itself was simple and appealing - nothing too complicated about it - nothing that would deter a not so adventurous eater.

So. I really enjoyed the food here. It was definitely a positive experience on my behalf as well as the fatty's. I know that i will be back to sample the other breakfast items! Particularly the quesidilla, french toast and the potato and fetta hash cakes!

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