July 1, 2013

Steamed | Brisbane CBD

While i'm sure a lot of people are probably over the dumpling phase since there was a phase where these dumpling places seem to pop up here, here, here and here. I personally still enjoy them and still keen to try them out!

Steamed is open only during weekdays (unfortunately) - fortunately enough on that monday i had off i finally remembered to come here to try these dumplings which i've heard about/read about a little while ago. This place is sort of tucked away towards Roma Street End of the City, but it wasn't too far of a trek to get there. Upon entering the space you can already see the bamboo baskets which contain the dumplings. There are 3 different fillings (vegetarian, pork and chicken), and knowing i only ever so often have a weekend off, took the opportunity to try all three at once. There is a sitting area to eat there but i ended up taking away to have lunch with the fatty. There's also a 'help yourself' spot for the sauces for on the go.

The dumplings itself were very plump and the filling for each of them generous. Without dipping it in too much sauce, the flavours for each one are quite distinguishable. I enjoyed the pork dumplings the most as i found them the most flavoursome out of the three - some dumplings were a little bit drier and lacked the soup inside, but overall still maintained the flavours and were very tasty. Obviously being, steamed, it meant that the flavours of the dumplings compared to pan fried dumplings weren't drowned in oil. Also, I guess what was most enticing about this place is the fact that the dumplings are hand made on site, and actually tasted authentic! While everyone will have their own opinion as to how they like them cooked - ie skin being thinner, more filling, more soup inside etc etc. I personally found them to be pretty excellent. It's definitely a healthier alternative for lunch, for people who work in the city! 

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