July 18, 2013

Gramercy Espresso and Eats | Breakfast Edition II

I am quite fond of Gramercy, as i've blogged about it previously here - it's my usual Wednesday morning haunt. Whether i get into the city early to have a sit down meal, or, even just coffee & something sweet to take away. It's very much routine now.

For the past month or two i've noticed that the menu had changed slightly since my first blog post! I've nearly tried majority of what's to offer for breakfast - unfortunately haven't sampled any lunch type items yet (sad days). So, here's a bit of an update of what's to offer at Gramercy!

The Food -

There's something so satisfying about eating fruit toast with honey and pumpkin seeds, so simple, yet so delicious. Especially with coffee. Perfect for on the go food. Unfortunately, fruit toast is one of those foods which leaves you wanting more after you've had just one slice! It's been great having this, especially in the cooler weather!

The poached pear brioche, is amazing. This is probably one of my favourites from Gramercy. The brioche is served with generous amounts of blueberries, pistachio and a poached pear in the middle. The brioche and blueberry combination just melts in your mouth, whilst at the same time, the subtle sweetness of the poached pear balances out the sweetness from the blueberries. The addition of the pistachio is nice for the extra crunch and texture. The brioche itself was also crisp and had a really nice soft, fluffy, crumbly texture to it. Great breakfast item for those who fancy something on the sweeter side!

Something heartier from Gramercy is the Baked Green Eggs - Green eggs are green. Loved the presentation of this dish, and thoroughly enjoyed how it tasted - i believe from my memory that it is creamed spinach cooked through with the eggs - it was so flavoursome and creamy; Compared to other baked egg dishes that you may encounter, and that you're probably more familiar with (ie: tomato based with chorizos etc) - the creamed spinach is a delicious alternative and bodes very well with the buttered toast! A must try while it's still on the current menu! 

Another reason why i've always had a positive experience is that the staff are always super lovely and friendly! Especially, since i come here before work, it's always a nice perk to start the day for me; that as well as coffee and delicious treats :)

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