July 25, 2013

Flour and Chocolate | Morningside

Salted Caramel Cronut

Cronut and Donut

Cronuts & Donuts, I have slowly been seeing pictures of these delightful baked goods all over instagram and facebook, more specifically, all referencing back to a bakery called Flour & Chocolate located at Morningside where it is sneakily tucked away. Curiosity got the best of me. For one person, i thought i would at least sample a 'few' different flavours since they are somewhat exclusive, only being offered twice a week on Wednesday and Thursdays, I thought i would try a few all in one go. So in having said that, don't judge me!

Cronut you say? It's a Croissant and Donut hybrid - looks like a donut, but layered and flaky like a croissant inside, while not omitting that doughy texture of a donut (thank you internet for an adequate definition). I chose the Salted Caramel Cronut, Salted Caramel Donut and a Vanilla Custard Donut. Out of the three choices, the salted caramel flavoured Donut and Cronut was definitely my favourite.

Salted Caramel Cronut - all the pastry and layer of caramel in between

Cronut. Delicious. Crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft and flaky on the inside. It's definitely a treat.  Once you bite into it, flakes literally go flying. Expect flakes to stick in your scarf (like mine did) and sugary powder, caramel sauce and sticky sugar all over your fingers! The texture as the name suggest really does resemble that of a croissant - as it's a flavoured cronut, layered in between, is a deliciously sweet layer of caramel. The caramel was not overwhelming, but enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! It's definitely different to any pastry i've ever tasted before, and definitely something worth a try! The only thing that i found that would prevent me from eating 6 of these in a row is the amount of oil it exudes - which is quite explainable, i mean it is half a croissant so you would have to expect it you know?

Salted Caramel Donut - look at all that caramel!
The donuts, also, were delicious. Just like the Cronut, the amount of sugar powdered over the donut is very generous, if you touch it, a layer very much just sticks to your finger. So what makes them different to other donuts you've had? Just look at the insane amount of filling. Seriously, i wasn't expecting it when i pulled it apart to inspect. The dough itself is firm to hold its shape but soft and chewy on the inside and the filling like i said, it's diabetes in a donut! The caramel was just deliciously sweet, there was just enough of the donut to ration out the amount of caramel that was inside. Just looking at it makes me feel like my waist band has already doubled in size. haha. I have to say i didn't quite enjoy the vanilla custard as much as the salted caramel, it wasn't as sweet in comparison, it was just ok. I found that because it's custard and dairy base and like the the caramel, there was a substantial amount of it, rather than enjoying it; it was actually overwhelming! The sweetness just could not compare to the Salted Caramel. With the caramel it was easy after one bite to want to continue eating more of it while the vanilla custard just overwhelmed me in the one or two bites.

I can definitely say these aren't something i could eat every day - which is probably a good thing that they are only offered 2 days a week. While the Cronuts & Donuts is what drew me here in the first place, i'm actually looking forward to making a trip back here to sample their other baked goods! (But having the Cronuts/Donuts is definitely a great midweek treat!)

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