June 11, 2013

The Fishmonger's Wife | East Brisbane

Chilli Octopus
Salmon Patty

Wild Wattle Seed Cod with chips and sald

look at that chunk of fish! 
Lemon Grass Snapper
Battered Mars Bar

Apparently we pass this place a lot, and only upon recommendation did we really manage to stumble our way to this eatery. To be totally honest, 'Fish and Chips' sort of food is only something i really fancy when i'm in the mood for it. So i didn't know what to expect from here, i guess my initial first thought was that it would be like any other fish and chip/seafood eatery place.

The menu offers a variety of items, entrees are a plenty, as well as a variety of mains, from the usual servings of grilled, battered fish to something a bit more different (and flavoursome) such as the Chilli Octopus,  Salmon Patty, wild wattle seed cod and the  thai lemon grass snapper which we ordered.

Out of the 2 entrees, the octopus was definitely the favourite. Twas very flavoursome and tender, however i thought the name was a little bit deceiving in that it had more of a 'sweet-chilli' sort of taste rather than actually being spicy! The serving was also very generous for an entree sized dish. The Salon patty was a little bit of a let down, while it's not bad, there's nothing terrible fantastic about it - although the sauce it came with was pretty delicious - so delicious we kept it after eating to use with our mains/chips haha.

The photos are a little bit deceiving in terms of sizing proportion, while mine just seems like a small slab, somehow it seemed never ending! Definitely enjoyed the lemon grass snapper! So delicious! Loved the flavours, that thai lemon grass flavour is definitely a winner with fish. I tried some of the fatty's cod and the first thing i noticed is that there is actually fish inside all that battered crumbed serving!! Normally anything battered the proportions are usually 50% batter 25% hollow space and 25% actual fish! Definitely a +1 for us. Like my main, with all the chips and salad, it makes a very hefty meal for one.

While being full from the mains, how could we not try the battered mars bar? It's such an American thing! haha. (no offence in any manner) But there is no other place in Brisbane that i know of that serves this! It was deliciously melted and gooey with caramel and batter. The ice cream is a definite must with this! I have to admit, while being already full, having this was definitely a bit over whelming for me!

This is such a neat place for fish and chips - enjoyed the variation on the menu and enjoyed the service :) A little bit different to the 'standard' fish and chip place! Worthy of a try if you're in the area!

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