June 11, 2013

The Dark Chocolatier | Brisbane CBD

that honeycomb!! the size of golf balls!
which one to choose?

Dark Chocolate/milk chocolate covered honeycomb, goji berries, strawberries, almonds, slabs of dark chocolate hazelnut, rocky road, licorice bullets... the list goes on! It's so crazy that you can buy slabs in bulk or in loose packets or choose from what's there and pay by bucket!  

What else to compliment chocolate than with coffee? This place serves Fonzie Abbott Coffee Beans, if you haven't tried coffee from them already, they're pretty ace. Other than having ace coffee beans & chocolate, the hot chocolate from here is worth a mention. There is a variation in how you want your hot chocolate  - which i find pretty amazing, choose from milk or dark or even turkish delight (and other flavours which i can't remember!), as well as choosing the % of chocolate in there! The only place i've had the same/near encounter is in Melbourne! 

This isn't our first visit here - i've been here to get a few packaged chocolates for on the go, but this is the first time we've ordered the hot chocolate which was divinely sweet! This is the place for the sweet tooths! The fatty opted for the ~70% and mine was ~55% (? i don't remember the exact % but they were something along those lines), but woah, the ~55% was so sweet! It's probably the first time i've had to ditch hot chocolate that's half full! I swapped with the fatty for his which was definitely more tolerable in terms of continually drinking a sweet beverage! If you're looking for a bit of a sugar buzz, the ~55% is the way to go. I just personally find the ~70% just perfect, the ~55% was a little bit of an overkill for me.

What i also like about this place is that they have all (majority) of the chocolate  on display and you have the option to pick and fill how ever and whatever you want, then pay at the end. We chose a little bit of everything, just to try, and man we're geniuses because that's when we opted to have our hot chocolate at the same time. Smart move right? I was dying from thirst after munching through a few pieces and drinking half the hot chocolate. 

Coffee and Chocolate? It's just awesome. Just order coffee if you intend to eat your way through the chocolate at the same time, or be geniuses like us and order hot chocolate instead.

Definitely on the place of revisits for me :)

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