June 30, 2013

Sprout French Cafe | Auchenflower

French Onion Soup
All that onion and cheese!!

Tiramisu with ginger sorbet

This quaint little place tucked in the suburbs is just super lovely. It's so refreshing to find dining places like this. Look, photos which i haven't already uploaded on instagram for once! I especially enjoyed dinner here, after having French Cuisine at Byron Bay at 'The Petit Snail' (an excellent french restaurant!), i've been looking into what's available in Brisbane! The Fatty has actually been here a few times before, and seeing the photos he's posted on his instagram, i knew i wouldn't be disappointed.

As indicated on the menu, you can choose a 2 course or 3 course meal at the set cost, which i suppose makes it easier when it comes to payment at the end, especially if in a large group.

For the Entree i chose for myself, the french onion soup - which was absolutely delicious. I rarely (never) have had french onion soup in the past, which i could recall or know what it's supposed to taste like - but this was definitely a little bowl of deliciousness. It comes out in a hot cast iron bowl in which the top layer is bread and melted cheese. Underneath that, is the soup itself which is not just broth, but generous amounts of soft sliced onions! The soup salty and delicious with the combo of onions, bread and cheese! Be warned the broth is very hot - don't just scoop it all down as i almost did haha. I enjoyed this entire dish, this was premature but i had already deemed the soup itself to be my favourite! The fatty chose the oysters with chorizo and cheese - an unusual combination, however just as much it was delicious; i'd say if you are big on oysters you might say that the chorizo and cheese would overpower the flavour of the oysters, but me not being too big on oysters (i'm still trying to develop a taste for it!), i found they pretty good!

The presentations of the mains were pretty simple in itself, as are the ingredients in each. Henceforth, the flavour of each of the elements of the dish really stands out. My main was the duck, what i really enjoyed about the duck was how tender it was; it literally just fell off the bone. It was nice and salty, which allowed the beans in the dish to balance it out. It's quite the hefty meal - all the sauce, duck and beans really fill you up. The only thing i found lacking was the lack of sides! I would have preferred if there was also a side of greens or something along those lines! Same goes for the lamb, it was cooked perfectly in that as soon as you cut the meat it just pulls away from the bone so easily!

The entrees and mains is what really shines for this restaurant - delicious flavours, delicious ingredients - , while the desserts weren't bad they weren't entirely amazing either. The dessert in a jar was a cute idea - however the rose pannacotta served was just 'okay' - the flavours were definitely different, but different in a way that i would try it but wouldn't choose again for next time. Again, the tiramisu was okay, i found the amount of cream to coffee far too overwhelming for my tastes. The ginger sorbet, on the other hand was delicious! Unexpectedly it was just really refreshing and tangy! I wouldn't have minded having just a few scoops of this for dessert! I found the ginger sorbet was my favourite component in the desserts!

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