May 19, 2013

Yum Yum Gyoza House | Bulimba

The fatty and i actually stumbled upon this place on our way to Mud Dessert Bar, we were feeling a bit hungry and thought that dessert wouldn't be adequate!

I was a little bit confused when i walked in to this place - i initially thought it would be just a japanese gyoza bar of some sort, but the menu shows quite a variety of chinese, japanese, thai and malaysian dishes! The waitresses were also of different asian descent, so it's not exactly 'traditional' japanese cuisine i guess. None the less, we just went straight for the gyoza. There were 4 different types, the Chicken, Pork, Vegetable and Duck, hence we just chose one of each. Each of the plates consisted of 5 pieces.

The filling in each of the gyoza was generous enough and the skin was nicely pan friend. Also noted that each gyoza was quite 'plump' in sizing and not just skin and measly filling. While they are surprisingly good, and very good value for money (i believe it is $5 for each plate and you get 5 gyoza), there isn't too much that would differentiate it from getting gyoza at other joints. In having said that though, i have to admit that what you get is really good for the price!

As for the other dishes, we didn't try anything else, but as mentioned, this place seems to offer a lot of mixed cuisines. Maybe not the place to go if you are looking to try specific 'authentic' cuisines.

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  1. From the looks of it, it looks like those gyoza were really juicy! Look at all the drippings on the serving plates. I might just have to take a trip down to Bulimba and try these babies out myself!


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