May 31, 2013

Stokehouse | South Bank

Crudo of Fresh Fish - from the Special Boards that night
Pistachio crusted Rannoch farm quail, parmesan & truffle cream, watercress
Wagyu beef carpaccio, horseradish cream, capers, rocket, truffle
Broccoli, toasted almonds, lemon buerre noisette
Main: Margaret River duck breast, carrot, parsnip, hazelnut, mushrooms, parfait
Main: Fish from the Specials that night
Chilli Salt Chips = amazing

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This dinner was from a few weeks ago, the fatty took me here for my birthday :) Prior before choosing to come here i've heard and seen a lot of mixed opinions about this place, but i guess you can only try for yourself to find out right? It was a toss up between here and a few other places, but somehow just bit the bullet and decided to try somewhere new rather than my usual preferred 'finer' dinner places i've tried in the past.

All the dishes we ordered were pretty fantastic. It's hard to pick a 'favourite' but i guess what really stood out to me was most definitely the Chilli Salt Chips, Crudo and the Quail. The Chilli Salt chips is pretty much a meal itself. There was just so much! It's a very generous serving for a 'side' dish - if you're afraid that you're going to still be hungry after having the mains, i would suggest ordering this! But, order it anyway because the chilli salt was delicious! Crudo, literally like sashimi is a bed of fresh fish - we chose the specials for the night, and they were absolutely delicious. Tasted so fresh and tender! Definitely a go for the sashimi lovers out there and was also a good start for the on coming dishes.

For Entree - the quail and wagyu were our choices - out of the two, i enjoyed the quail more, it was crispy skinned, tender and salty at the same time. Definitely served well with the water cress and truffle cream to balance out the saltiness! I loved that the Wagyu was very much like a salad - a very light entree with the right amount of saltiness, just enough to have together with the horseradish cream and capers.

The presentations of the mains are deceivingly small; as you make your way through the dish i found myself slowing down considerably (also because we had the chilli salt chips and broccoli as sides - both of which had generous servings); the duck was cooked perfectly - tender on the inside with a nice salty flavour on the outside as well. Although at times i found it was a little bit too salty, but the vegetables it came with served its purpose to balanced it out. The Fatty chose the fish special as the main, and commented on how fresh it was!

Overall, i really enjoyed the food here - i found that the entrees stood out especially for me, and tickled my fancy more so than the mains! Stokehouse is a thumbs up for me!

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