May 3, 2013

Shucked Coffee House | Newstead

Cold Drip Coffee & Iced Coffee
Harry's Hash
Cactus Jack 

Sorry about the repetitiveness, for those who follow myself on instagram - one or two of the photos tend to be the same. No DSLR photos because i wasn't expecting to go out for breakfast on Saturday! But thank you iphone 5 for producing decent photos i can use on my blog! HDR mode yeh yeh yeh!

I've actually been stalking Shucked on instagram, facebook, urbanspoon and on several blogs when someone reviews it. The photos i've seen always look so appetising (drool) but like it goes, i always want to try but just haven't etc etc with the excuses. 

Getting into the 'colder' season in Brisbane, i thought i would go along with this whole seasonal thing, hence why i chose to have the 'Cactus Jack' aka the savoury mince. The entire meal composed of the mince itself, tortilla chips, 2 poached eggs and a lemon. When it came out i was caught a little unawares to how to eat this, i'm use to the 'usual' mince where the egg is already in the mince itself, but i guess the reason why they have it on the side is so the poached egg stays 'poached' instead of having it in the mince where it will cook through (and then you get the usual comments that goes along the lines of, 'oh man they don't know how to poach an egg', 'why is this poached egg not runny at all - let's rate this place zero' etc etc). OR simply the eggs are aside for presentations sake (haha). I really am just speculating here (hahah). That aside. I ended up just scooping the egg into the mince one at a time as i ate it. The tortillas are a good idea, light and crispy so you still taste the texture of the mince, however it can get quite messy eating it when you're trying to 'scoop' the mince and it keeps sliding off. What i like about this mince is the fact that it's not just sauce. In some savoury minces i've noticed the ratio of actual meat to sauce is quite minimal, so it's pleasing to see that you're actually eating meat and not just the sauce. The actual sauce itself is not as viscous, however still enjoyable. The hash was the only part i tried from the fatty's dish, and all i can say that i liked what i tried! Hash was very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, i'm very certain it was delicious considering how fast it disappeared from his plate!

What i really enjoy about the breakfast here is the creativity they put into the menu, but at the same time keeping 'classic' ingredients as the main elements of each dish. That way it doesn't deter the not so adventurous crowd when it comes to choosing. There's always something about these non-conventional names for breakfasts which really attracts me to these breakfast places (in general). I also quite enjoyed the coffee here, i find rare to find a breakfast location which serves good breakfast as well as (good) variation in coffee (cold drip, pour over & aeropress). Most of the times cafes focus on one or the other to make it 'their signature' (good food or good coffee) Hence I was surprised they had the option of cold drip coffee, pour over as well as aeropress coffee on the menu. Not something i see very often. This was pretty much another +1 for why i like this place. Also, that cold drip coffee was ace. 

Definitely a place to try out, I love the design of the cafe - mixed chairs, wooden tables, graffiti art,  vintagey deco pieces - it just has a really nice casual vibe to it. Their location is also pretty nifty; in this suburban area, tucked away into a building. The food and coffee is just ace, and not to mention if you tag yourself in as well as instagram you get a but of a discount ;)

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