May 15, 2013

Mud Dessert Bar | Bulimba

Passionfruit Mille Feuille
Deconstructed Banoffee 
If you have a sickly sweet tooth, this is the place for you. I kid you not, these desserts are so rich, to the point where a few mouthfuls would suffice. I was under the initial impression that the passionfruit mille feuille would be light and delicate in terms of pastry, so something savoury and sweet at the same time. On this occasion i guess i was proven very much wrong. As you can see, the main element of the dessert seems to be the chocolate, the ice cream was a very rich dark chocolate, the chocolate filling and the passionfruit filling was very rich and sweet,and, not only that, it was in between slabs of sweet chocolate. So after a few mouthfuls i literally could not keep on eating it, despite my love for sweets.

The same goes for the banoffee, it looks deceivingly tame in terms of how sweet it actually is. Like the Mille Feuille, everything on this plate was just i guess, bluntly put, sugar. There was no real variation in terms of flavouring and in texture. It's just not the dessert that makes you want to crave more.

Unfortunately to say, i'm actually a little disappointed since i'd heard mention of this place a few times! Don't get me wrong, if you love your rich and sweet desserts, this is pretty much going to be gold for you. But if you prefer variations in flavours and textures then you're probably going to think it's only average at best. Comparatively, i would prefer Freestyle over Mud. Seeing as they are similar in style, in that they both offer tapa type foods as well as desserts. Sorry Mud, it's a thumbs down for me! (in having said that, someone has told us that the tapas are much better than the desserts, so we might need to come back and try!)

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  1. I’m not one for sweets, but if you're saying that there's good tapas in this place in Bulimba, I'm just waiting for the review on that so I can come down to the place and enjoy the stuff too!


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