April 20, 2013

The Tea Centre | Brisbane CBD

(photos from le iphone)

The Tea Centre in the city is amongst one of my favourite places to go if i'm by myself and usually more so than not, i'll have my kindle or an actual book with me as well to read.

What i really like here is the wide selection of tea and the casualness of this place. There are not many cafes as to say that allow for a long stay before a bill is pushed under your nose; here, my stay can last for a few hours and i won't be bothered with a bill or being constantly pestered if there is anything else i want. As the name suggest, the specialty here is the fact that there is a very wide selection of teas to offer, but also, they do have a food menu as well; sandwiches, rolls etc, and probably something a bit more appropriate to go with tea, a variation of cakes and scones. Personally i always just opt for the scones with my tea.

Definitely worth a visit if you are a tea fanatic, or, if you are in the city and want somewhere to relax with tea/cake without being rushed to leave.

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