April 9, 2013

Pablo | New Farm

This update is late, but here's to hoping that everyone had a good easter weekend. Yep, my friend and i had breakfast here over the easter weekend (that's how delayed this post is).

Anyway, it's actually been a long while since i've been back here, and fortunately not much has changed since my last visit. The variation in the menu has slightly changed, but i'm definitely glad to see that serving size and style of food hasn't changed - it's one of the many reasons why i enjoy the food here; they don't have the 'stock-standard' sort of breakfasts (as mentioned in my previous blog sometime last year) I only have one photo to show because we both ordered the same meal, the Confit of portabella mushroos baked with a feta and chorizo crumble - with dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote and rye and onion toast. So if you can't tell - that 'thing' on the egg is a giant mushroom. Visually i guess it doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing (haha) but this is a pretty hearty mushroom - initially i found it a bit bland, but as i made my way through the egg and feta/chorizo crumble, i found the texture and juicy-ness complimented the rest of it!

I'm glad that since my last visit, the food is just as good as i remembered it! It's the consistency, something i like when i dine anywhere i really! But with Pablo, it's definitely the style of the food, the variation of the non-stock-standard menu and the portions is what i really enjoy coming back for! 

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