April 25, 2013

Jude Kitchen and Bar | Brisbane CBD

Came here for lunch on Monday with the fatty, as per a sort of lunch ritual when i have my mondays off!

I've never really noticed this place until the fatty suggested this for lunch on monday - i had no idea what to expect, nut before arrival i did a quick google and urban spoon search to see what this place is all about... yes, most of the time i like to know what sort of food i'm eating before i venture out :P and sometimes i like to be surprised!

When i first looked at the menu i admit i was a little taken aback with how 'basic' everything seemed on the menu; normally i would jump up and down at the sight of burgers, but monday was not a burger day! I guess everything looked so.. 'normal' as to say so i really didn't know what to order, until i was at the counter.

Thai Beef Salad was my choice. I was also asking for a side of the Fish cakes to be added but they were a separate item on the menu, and i was also informed the salads are sizeable. He wasn't wrong. It was so shocking to see this huge serving of salad and thai beef that actually has huge chunks of beef rather than measly bits of meat. This is probably one of the most satisfying salads i've ever had. The only thing i wish it had was more salad dressing. Yeh, that probably defeats the whole purpose of 'healthy alternatives' (haha), but really, i did find the salad itself was a bit too leafy without the aid of salad dressing! But this salad is still the winner despite my whiny opinion about having no dressing (haha).

When the burger (i don't exactly remember, it was either the steak sandwich or the Jude Beef Burger!)  came out, that was also a bit of a shock, the entire meal itself is pretty hefty for a burger. Not only do you have this huge ass burger there, it is actually sitting on a generous bed of salad (that you choose when you order) as well as a generous serving of chips. These 'sides' which come with the burger aren't measly pieces of salad or stringy bits of chips - the salad is actually salad and the chips are chunky chips! I tried some of the beetroot and feta salad, twas pretty amazing, loved the beetroot,and the feta was so soft and crumbly! And the Chips? Well they just tasted like chips, crispy chunks! I found the burger itself 'OK', the fatty loved the entirety of it. The meat patty was pretty hefty and the burger contained generous amount of sauce; i guess the reason why i found it 'OK' was the fact that the bun it was served on, was waaaay too hard, despite them telling us that it is toasted. It definitely did not taste like toasted bread; it was pretty solid (not stale though). Just rock hard. So that sort of ruined it for me. Hoping that our 'un-toasted' bun is just a one off because we're keen to come back and try the others (well the fatty is anyway!)

In having said all of that, the food here is good - don't let the simplicity of the menu deter you - By looking at all the different food items come out, the seem pretty generous in serving size and looked just as appetising! It's definitely one of those places that focus on serving simple dishes but with 110% effort in preparation and taste!

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