April 23, 2013

Happy Little Dumplings | New Farm

Ok - Not the most aesthetically pleasing photo i've ever taken, but there wasn't much i could really do (or bother to do) when it was just dished out like this!

Happy Little Dumplings - another place i've walked past several times and have heard several mentions but yet to try, one being, seeing asian cooking prepared and cooked by Caucasians make me a bit nervous and more cautious (I mean this in the most positive way possible - with no racism intended). For example, it's like having a chinese person preparing/cooking italian cuisine - you would doubt the authenticity of it no? i mean i would! It's just like how this is to me! 

So in having said all of that, the dumplings here aren't too bad at all. And by that i mean, while the filling was pretty juicy and flavoursome, it was hard to distinguish what type of filling we were eating, the only one that really stood out in terms of flavour was the duck, other than that they all tasted relatively the same after a few bites. The har gao (clear dumpling) was probably what stood out to me the most, the filling was generous with prawns and the skin wasn't too thick or pastry like - which is a win. Compared to some yumcha places where it's just mush inside (haha ew). I found, while they are relatively nice, there isn't exactly anything mind blowing-ly amazing about them either that would draw me back. I can see this as being a 'healthier' alternative for lunch goers as these all seem to be hand made.

Still worth a try, for all you dumpling fanatics out there. Other note-worthy similar would be Ann Gyoza Bar in the Valley & New Shanghai in the City.

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