April 15, 2013

Brother Espresso | Brisbane CBD

I think this place is worth a mention. Good things do come in small packages; This place is small and serves only coffee; but their coffee beans are devine for an everyday coffee.

Tucked away in the city is this little gem - definitely a place for the coffee goers out there (especially those who work on the outskirts of the CBD and not wanting to go too far for decent coffee). I have to admit while my knowledge of coffee is limited, Brother Espresso is one of the top preferences when it comes to 'just coffee' kind of a day. There are 2 Brother Espresso places in the city, one on margaret street (the larger one - which to my knowledge serves food) and this small one here on wickham. Anyway the point is, the coffee beans here are pretty ace.

I also have a confession - i'm a sucker for coffee cup stamps - it just makes the cup so much more visually appealing and feels so much more personalised. Fact - i love personalised anything! It just adds a bit of character.

Brother Espresso - Watson's Building CBD on Urbanspoon

anyway the urban spoon is linked to the margaret street store because i couldn't find the wickham street one. 

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