March 10, 2013

Spring Hill Deli and Produce | Spring Hill

Mediterranean Eggs
Shashuka - Spicy Baked Eggs 
shaved dark chocolate on the cappucino! thumbs up for using real chocolate! (photo from iphone)

comics at the back of the clipboard menu - creative idea! (photo from iphone)
yep took along my chunky slr today - and only 2 photos from the phone!

A few questions (really only just two XD)... Why are there not many blog reviews about this place? and.. Why have i not eaten here earlier? I do not understand! The breakfast here is pretty fabulous, so fabulous that i burnt the roof of my mouth while shovelling my dish down. My gluttony broke loose. No regrets though.

In all seriousness though, i am so impressed with the food! It's been a little while that i've actually admitted to loving a place on first tasting of food! I chose the Shashuka dish which is in fact apparently an Israeli baked spicy egg dish (?) My knowledge of the origins on this name is pretty limited to no idea at all.... but, this was so delicious, it came out piping hot on the pan (the waitress wasn't kidding when she said it was hot - yerp i accidentally touched it and my resolve broke loose and started shovelling this down) - so it's a combination of tomato, fetta and 2 poached eggs - the poached eggs end up cooking through though because the entire dish is just emitting heat! Just a warning for you poached egg lovers out there! I don't have anything 'negative' to comment on for this dish because i just loved the entirety of it! It's a combination of my favourite things, cheese, egg, and tomato. Not to mention that it's a bit spicy so it adds a nice kick to it! The Fatty chose the Mediterranean eggs which i had also initially been eyeing, but as a general unspoken breakfast rule, I MUST NOT ORDER THE SAME THING! For the sake of variety and photos for this blog :P The thing that really caught my eye with the Mediterranean eggs was the 'Dukka' - i've had dukka with eggs before and remembered it was really good! And i definitely remembered correctly because the dukka with the poached eggs were delicious - if you haven't had dukka before i guess the best way i can describe the taste is that it's a combination of nuts and spices (of what sort i'm not so sure) - i know it sounds ordinary - but somehow it just 'completes' the taste of the poached eggs and fetta on the sourdough toast. The descriptions of what we ate aren't exactly concise - we were both hungry and focused on ordering! And there isn't an updated menu on urban spoon! 

Another thing to note is that there are vegan and gluten free options as well, as well as the option to change particular ingredients on the menu if it isn't to your taste: ie - on the mediterranean eggs - the fatty didn't want goats cheese, the waiter kindly took note and was happy to change it to feta! So having these few options definitely does make it a bit more flexible!

Coffee wise - i'm ashamed to say i didn't take much notice after the food came out! But definitely something which i do remember is that they use actual dark chocolate shavings on the cappucino rather than powder! Only thing is, the chocolate was a little too bitter for the coffee, something a bit sweeter would have complimented it better!

What i also really like about this deli cafe are the detailing touches which what makes the cafe - for instance the back of the menu clip board is comprised of 'old-fashioned' comics imprinted on it, the old school like suspended light bulbs above the tables, the wooden tables and also how each table has a flower in an old milk bottle with the table number attached to it. This place is just really niche! I love it! Comparison wise to other cafes in regards to design and interior - closest might be Sassafaras over at paddington - except definitely more 'orderly' and less of a 'dissaray' style! Anyway this is just a bit of a tangent for me, i tend to notice these things about food places - it also helps in leaving lasting impressions for me!

This may be premature - but i think i've found a favourite contender for my 2013 breakfast food locations!

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