March 24, 2013

My Pho Bar | Jindalee

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls
Pho - called 'My Works' on the menu
Pho - with onion, bean sprouts, basil with variation of rare steak, tripe, flank, beef ball and tendon

After being overly disappointed with Fat Noodle, the Pho and side dish here was absolutely delicious (not only by comparison, but that fact that it really is!). I came here with the fatty yesterday for dinner after much debating (aka indecision) of what to have for dinner - this is why i prefer breakfast over dinner! It's so much easier to decide where to go!

We both got the same noodles - the 'My Works' which is a combination of the variation of the meats you can have in Pho. In hindsight, i should have just gotten the beef steak - i'm not so much a fan of the tendons and tripe! But otherwise it was still so delicious. The broth was still hot when it came out and the steak still rare and cooking through - you can sort of see it in the photo above. What i really like is that the sliced beef was still very much tender even when it cooked all the way through in the broth and the broth itself was just delicious - the only thing i can criticize on is that while the broth was delicious to have on its own and with the noodles, somehow it felt like it was missing something, even with the basil added, the flavour didn't seem as 'strong' as other places (?) perhaps it's a different variation in soup, but still i definitely enjoyed the pho here compared to Fat Noodle a few nights ago!

Price wise - good value for price - some may still say it's still expensive than places in Inala, but i would say it's still well worth it (especially when i think of Fat Noodle!)

Anyhow,  i'm not Vietnamese, so i can't go on about how Pho should 'properly' be served etc, so i will let the photos do the talking! This place definitely gets a thumbs up from me :)

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