March 4, 2013

Ltd Espresso and Brew Bar | Fortitude Valley

Dropped by here on my way to city today; it's a little bit difficult to review a coffee only place 'thoroughly' especially when people have varying tastes on how they like their coffee. I've actually walked passed here quite a few times but have been a bit hesitant in going in. I admit the 'narrowness' of the this shop intimidated me at first - yeh, silly, i know. 

This place will be a winner for the coffee lovers out there (most likely - i think. heh.) The latte was smooth, and the temperature just right - perfect for the times where you desperately need that caffeine hit, without losing half your taste buds when you swig it down. It's pleasantly surprising to see that they were able to squeeze in a few tables towards the back for 'have here' coffees.  You just wouldn't have imagined for such a narrow fitted space! Quite impressive. The 'finer details', the light bulbs, small wooden bench like chairs outside, and the artwork along the wall really gives the interior (and the whole cafe) a nice finish (this is probably a little irrelvant to this review but it's these 'smaller' details of shops in general which really catch my eye). Something else you won't miss is the clever, ever changing daily messages on the A-Frame right outside the shop. Prior before actually trying this place out, they always caught my eye and made my mornings.

In terms of comparison, I still find Dandelion & Driftwood at the top of the ladder (because i frequent this place way to often so it's still my personal preference at the moment!), Blackstar is pretty amazing too (if you want to check that out as well), and Ltd has definitely made it to the top favourite coffee spots so far. Although i've only been here once, i know i'll probably frequent here more often now since it is so close within the vicinity of where i live! Well done Ltd, while i enjoy most foods and coffees it takes a bit for me to actually name a 'favourite', you've made it to my tops list!

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