March 29, 2013

Gramercy Espresso and Eats | Brisbane CBD

Bircher Muesli with yoghurt and fresh fruits - absolutely delicious! how vibrant does this look :D
that honey.
Avocado Toast

this muffin - perfect with the iced coffee that day
iced coffee in a jar - love this!
yerp - if you don't follow me on instagram, these are pretty much the same photos from there; courtesy of iphone 5 - for the days i don't carry around my dslr.

I've actual been here several times in the last few weeks, and i've yet to blog about it, not because i've been lazy (like some of my other posts), but because my first visit was very positive, and i felt  really compelled to try a few more eateries from here to  'consolidate' this 'positiveness' in order to blog positively about this place since i sincerely enjoy this cafe, if that makes sense. 

This place has already become a fast favourite, everything about Gramercy just appeals to me - i love the design, modern, sleek but with a very comfortable and warm feel to it. Not to mention, it has the  'grocer' look with produce (assuming-ly used in the eatery, and not just for decor! :P) that is visible to the eye, the open 'kitchen' where you can see your food being prepared, the table of baked goods staring right at you when you order, and most importantly the warm reception from the staff; each and every time i visit! 

Other than having coffee that is pretty ace, i absolutely love the food menu (well the ones i've tried so far). The bircher muesli was the first thing i tried - i honestly didn't think much about it because i was in dire need of coffee and food that morning, so when it came out i was so surprised at the presentation. It's different to all the muesli's i've had at other joints which usually just comprises of the 'muesli', yoghurt and sometimes a little pot of milk on the side. As you can see from the photo, it consisted of fresh sliced/grated apples, strawberries, blueberries, honey and yoghurt with the muesli. It looked amazing and tasted amazing. Someone tell me where in Brisbane would you find someone that would put that much attention/effort into serving muesli? I'm still amazed every-time i look at the photo! This pretty much encouraged myself to come back here to try something else before i blog about it! The smashed avocado on toast was the second to tick off the menu - again, looked delicious and tasted delicious - i can only leave positive comments about the food here! However... i need to try more of their baked goods - i stare at them all the time when i order; i just forget to ask what they are, not that it would matter because i would still eat it (yay gluttony), haha. 

One other thing i want to mention is the way that some of the drinks are served in, ie: my iced coffee arrived in a jar! I thought this is so cute and creative! I love it - it's these little things which just add a plus to one's dining experience you know? 

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  1. YUM!! Avocado, cheese and lemon on toast is my absolute favourite breaky dish!!
    I love the site!
    I'm a fellow food blogger and I am interested in putting together a QLD, Northern NSW food bloggers picnic/meet up. I am trying to get a list of people who may be interested in having a bite to eat and a glass of wine. At this stage I have set aside the 8th June 2013, and I will organise a venue when I know numbers. The meet up is sponsored by Nuffnang so they will throw in a few bottles of bubbly and some crackers. Invitees do not need to be part of Nuffnang.

    I will write a story for the gathering and put it on Gourmet Getaways when I have more information.

    Hope you will be free to attend :)


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