March 20, 2013

Fat Noodle | Brisbane CBD

Signature Pho Dish 
Beef Angus Wok Noodles

After being opened for awhile and with no expectations set (i will explain why) - the fatty and i decided to try this place out. The reason why i said with 'no expectations' is that my general experience with 'fusion' styled foods have always been average at best, so hence going somewhere with minimal expectations dampens the disappointment i feel after a meal and while i pay for the bill. My reviews of places have always been honest, and this time will be no different.

Unfortunate to say, i can only say, the food here is really only average at best. While it isn't  unenjoyable, there isn't anything amazing about it either. I would most definitely prefer to go to Sunnybank or Inala (that general area) to eat Pho that is authentic, at half the price and double the portions. The taste was just 'OK' - for those who have eaten Pho in the Southside, you can definitely tell the difference between the flavours and will be quite disappointed. But i guess for those new to Pho, they will find it reasonably tasty. The soup in the Pho was lukewarm, so it didn't allow for the bean sprouts to 'cook' when mixed in and the sliced beef was already well done and towards the tougher side when chewing it - compared to eateries in the southside, i'm used to having the broth steaming hot to allow for the sprouts to cook over, the beef towards the rare side so that it is still cooking through when it arrives and usually is still tender to bite. Fatnoodle just seems 'over prepared' in regards to Pho. So...Like i said, not disgusting or tasteless, but it's just excessively expensive for such a small portion, where you can get double the portion for half the price. There are only a few occasions which i will negatively shed light on price vs portion wise when it comes to food, and only when i feel strongly disappointed by it - i feel like for 2 dishes which totalled $37 - i could have had a far more satisfying meal elsewhere.  The only positivity i can shed is that the food came out relatively fast after ordering.

The other wok based dish, the Beef Angus, again was just OK - nothing fantastic, it definitely has more of a 'western' style to it rather than asian - if anything it was more of a noodle salad dish rather than a wok dish. I guess i would just choose an authentic eatery in the Southside over Fatnoodle in regards to taste and value. Afraid to say this won't be a place i will frequent again!

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