March 29, 2013

Cirque | New Farm

Genovese Coffee Beans for the Latte
Turkish Eggs
These eggs are actually served cold! - They're cooked though!
Madame Croque
mushroom, haloumi and avocado as sides added!
all that shaved ham and gruyere cheese!!

I can't believe it has taken me this long to eat here. Part of the reason why is because every time i go past Cirque, it's always jammed packed.. it must of been our lucky day today, it was still relatively packed but we were able to get a seat. Service was quite prompt - different to what i've read of some of the reviews on urbanspoon, they were quick to get us seated with water on our tables, taking our coffee orders first and then letting us know about the specials of the day. 

It wasn't too hard to pick out what to order, with those few ingredients from each dish catching our eye immediately, we ordered the turkish eggs and the madam croque. The turkish eggs as the names goes is like a baked eggs dish, only the difference is, that this dish is actually served cold! I guess it sounds strange enough to have have an eggy dish cold, but in actual fact, it tasted pretty fantastic when i tried some! It had a mixture of cheese and salsa baked into it! Definitely not your average egg dish but worth a try! I had the madam croque, I had no idea that it would look like this! This was definitely a substantial meal! I guess the reason why chose to have this is that i saw gruyere cheese and that was enough for me to omit any other descriptions of what this meal consisted of! I think i could have done without the sides, but it was probably a good idea even though i was so full after! This grilled sandwich had SO much cheese and ham it's not funny! Literally layers upon layers of ham and cheese with a bit of tomato relish inside, while i was in heaven while eating this, i do admit that after awhile i felt like i needed to eat something else because it was overwhelming! Hence the sides of avocado, mushroom and haloumi <- i have no idea why i got the haloumi!

I can see why this place is jammed packed on weekends! The service is prompt, the food is delicious and the value for it is also great, i mean where in Brisbane can you find a combination of sides of haloumi, avocado and mushrooms for $3-$4?

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