February 20, 2013

The Ponycat | New Farm

Prosciutto and Scrambled Eggs
Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Another ultra late post from last last weekend. oops.

In some ways Ponycat was a bit less than what i expected, i guess it's because i've heard so much about it that i subconsciously set some expectations! But that's not to say that i didn't enjoy it!

I should say that the first thing that really struck me was the suave casual-ness about this place, everything from the design to the name of this cafe itself sort of just oozes a 'casual' and 'relaxed' sort of weekend vibe. The menu is on the blackboard - with a selection/variation of eggs etc. The fatty and i both ordered scrambled eggs, initially i wanted the prosciutto however the fatty got first dibs so i had to opt for something else! Hence i ended up with salmon! The presentation of the food itself is pretty brilliant; you get what the menu describes the dish as, salmon and scrambled eggs is really just salmon and scrambled eggs. The dishes are very simple and basic in ingredients and flavours, compared to a lot of breakfast places at the moment where a lot of "unique" twists and flavours are thrown in to draw appeal. The focus on the individual ingredients is where the appeal of this place draws me too, there are just some days where you just don't want a too "complicated" breakfast you know? I personally liked what i got, the only thing which i didn't fancy was the type of bread they served with it, it was towards the 'crustier' side where it makes it hard to bite/tear apart to eat with the eggs and salmon. The fatty was probably a bit disappointed, he was expecting something a bit more 'heavier' i suppose.

I like this place, however, compared to places like Pablo, Double Shot, Dandelion & Driftwood, Kettle and Tin, and Paw Paw Cafe, there's just something about these places which make a more firmer impression in my mind. Perhaps it's because with Pony Cat - it's the interior and the vibe which wins me over more so than the food and with the other as aforementioned breakfast places, it is both. I'll need to come back for another visit here to make my mind up! (I've been getting these 'sitting in the fence' opinions from the last few food places i've been too :( maybe i've been ordering things that are too ordinary on the menu! I need to break this streak!)

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