February 24, 2013

Mrs Luu's | Milton

Grilled Pork Roll with Chilli - Banh Mi
(Late post from last last Monday)

Absolutely delicious. I know, it looks like a regular 'roll' with meat, but this juicy grilled meat filled baguette is so delicious. This place is a must try! Banh Mi is a Vietnamese roll - a baguette with a delicious filling of seasoned meat! The grilled pork is pretty amazing, so much flavour, and even eaten with the roll and the salad filling, the sauce is literally dripping out as you eat it.  You white collared workers are so lucky, because they are only open Mon-Fri - i chucked a sickie just so i could have this, haha, just kidding.

They're cleverly situated in Milton, perfect for lunch for all workers who are wanting something relatively cheap, filling and delicious. Say no to maccas and yes to this :P They do serve other sort of Viet food but the Grilled Pork Roll is the only thing i've tried so far. Being the glutton i am, i can imagine myself eating 2-3 of these in one sitting - but you know, i like to be just a *bit* more refined in the public eye.

Price wise - i don't remember, i mean Banh Mi from Inala will be just as delicious and maybe cheaper, but hey, let's not compare - this little joint is pretty impressive. Considering the area Milton is, that is, surrounded mostly by cafes and restaurant type places - i think having this place is a great alternative and refreshing change for lunch!

Also, FYI, the owner's originally were from Trang's in West End, so if you enjoyed the food from Trang's - pretty sure you will like this!

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