February 24, 2013

Foxy Bean | Woolloongabba

Bushman's Benny - Egg's Benedict with Savoury Mince
French Toast with Berries Compote & Vanilla Mascarpone 
We came here for Breakfast last Saturday for Breakfast (slowly catching up to today guyz :P!!) I first spotted this place when we went to PawPaw Cafe for breakfast last year - and so i decided to add it onto my places to go list. I remember only seeing the shop front thinking, oh that's a tiny breakfast place, unknown to me, like the Gunshop this cafe stretches all the way to the back!! Such a deceiving front!

The breakfast affair was a little later than usual today, around 10am we arrived and this place was busy! We were lucky we didn't have to wait as people were leaving as we entered which meant we were seated. It's hard to tell whether or not if this place was just extremely busy, lack of staff to manage the different sections of the cafe, or the service was slow, we were seated for a good 15-20 minutes or so before a menu reached our table, the waitress did however take our coffee order first on arrival, but having said that it also didn't come out for a good 15 minutes. That goes the same for the food, we ordered and it seemed that some time had passed before it got to our table. Not that we overly minded because conversation was on the roll - but i guess it was just something i noted - it's understandable if it's busy and there is a bit of a wait, but the wait was long enough to leave someone thinking, 'did they forget our order?'

Well that aside, when the food came, i was pretty impressed with my choice of savoury mince. As it was later than usual breakfast for us, i wanted something more substantial. The servings of mince was generous and saucy, and tasted pretty fantastic with the eggs and sauce. What i like about this mince is that it's still 'chunky' with the sauce through it, usually i find that it's one way or the other in terms of ratio to sauce. I like the addition of the peas through the mince, it just adds to a bit of texture and taste overall. The toast wasn't buttered (not that it matters anyway :P) because the sauce from the mince was generous enough to soak through! The eggs was a little towards the 'over-cooked' side (for you egg fanatics out there) so there wasn't the usual spill of yolk onto the mince; i still enjoyed it nonetheless because i was pretty hungry!

It was probably mutual agreement on observation and taste, between Kei and I that the savoury type breakfast would be the standout choices on the menu. While the french toast wasn't terribly bad, it wasn't that great either. It was just so ordinary - let's just say that we wouldn't come back here at all for the french toast, but for the savoury breakfast choices we would! So, if you're after something deliciously sweet for breakfast i would probably point you to Dandelion & Driftwood - see my recent visits this year (Waffles & Breakfast Trifle), Pablo (French Toast), Anouk (French Toast) or Campos (Pancake stack).

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