February 11, 2013

Flute Fine Food | Coorparoo

smoked salmon omellete 
Spanish Pilaf Breakfast - chorizo spiced rice, white wine sauce and poached eggs
This was breakfast last sunday, actually more brunch, if i recall we actually went out quite late this time!

Flute has actually been on my list of places to go for sometime... i've actually been quite lazy with the list (for awhile now) hence why i've just been spontaneously going to random places to have food... and hence why some photos are only coming out from my phone and not dslr :( hopefully it will pick up again! ergh i'm still in the same position of wanting something ultra compact but not foregoing the quality of dslr -__-;

Well anyway, food! There were a few things on here that actually caught my eye, but i've having these omellete cravings for the past few weeks, and have had a habit of ordering omellete dishes wherever i go, so surprise surprise, i chose the salmon omellete! This omellete was so satisfying, eggy, cheesy and salmony all at once! What i like is that it isn't too cheesy compared to the one i had at Scuzi at Chermside where i ended up eating around the edges to avoid the richness of the cheese! What i also like is the addition of the salmon and salsa tomatos and lime, it makes the omellete less heavy (i mean this omellete is pretty sizeable, maybe 3-4 eggs?) i guess what i mean is, it's like having a steak without salad you know? the flavours can get a bit overwhelming at times! variation!

Kei had the Spanish Pilaf breakfast - that was also the second option i was looking at personally, something substantial with the rice and all! The menu here is quite contemporary in some ways where you still find your big breakfasts' as well as more adventurous kinds of meals - your non-everyday sort of breakfasts' - what i also notice is that for majority of the breakfasts, the servings are quite substantial as well so definitely a go to for the big breakfast eaters out there!

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