February 19, 2013

Dandelion and Driftwood | Again

macarons, coffee & muesli for breakfast :)
single origin coffee blend
(photos from phone... again :( )

Yep, back here again, this was actually last Monday, a weekday this time, and definitely less busy at 9am compared to a weekend visit! But still busy none the less.

I've always walked away from here with positive comments, and this day was no different than usual! Rather than having a savoury breakfast day today, i really wanted to eat the rose macarons that D&D have been posting on their facebook recently! It started a whole craving which has lasted until i could try it! And of course macarons is not breakfast (*shifty eyes*) i guess we had to justify it by also ordering the breakfast muesli! Something moderately 'healthy' to negate the fact that we were eating sweets so early!

The origin blend was also pretty good - a really smooth type of blend, have to be honest though, i enjoyed the blends last week more compared to this one! The 'Honduras Judith' was very creamy in a latte but tasted ordinary compared to the last blend we had on the weekend here! I guess that might just mean i've found a preference in taste of coffee (I would like to think!).

Anyway, my previous visits are here and here!

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