February 24, 2013

Foxy Bean | Woolloongabba

Bushman's Benny - Egg's Benedict with Savoury Mince
French Toast with Berries Compote & Vanilla Mascarpone 
We came here for Breakfast last Saturday for Breakfast (slowly catching up to today guyz :P!!) I first spotted this place when we went to PawPaw Cafe for breakfast last year - and so i decided to add it onto my places to go list. I remember only seeing the shop front thinking, oh that's a tiny breakfast place, unknown to me, like the Gunshop this cafe stretches all the way to the back!! Such a deceiving front!

The breakfast affair was a little later than usual today, around 10am we arrived and this place was busy! We were lucky we didn't have to wait as people were leaving as we entered which meant we were seated. It's hard to tell whether or not if this place was just extremely busy, lack of staff to manage the different sections of the cafe, or the service was slow, we were seated for a good 15-20 minutes or so before a menu reached our table, the waitress did however take our coffee order first on arrival, but having said that it also didn't come out for a good 15 minutes. That goes the same for the food, we ordered and it seemed that some time had passed before it got to our table. Not that we overly minded because conversation was on the roll - but i guess it was just something i noted - it's understandable if it's busy and there is a bit of a wait, but the wait was long enough to leave someone thinking, 'did they forget our order?'

Well that aside, when the food came, i was pretty impressed with my choice of savoury mince. As it was later than usual breakfast for us, i wanted something more substantial. The servings of mince was generous and saucy, and tasted pretty fantastic with the eggs and sauce. What i like about this mince is that it's still 'chunky' with the sauce through it, usually i find that it's one way or the other in terms of ratio to sauce. I like the addition of the peas through the mince, it just adds to a bit of texture and taste overall. The toast wasn't buttered (not that it matters anyway :P) because the sauce from the mince was generous enough to soak through! The eggs was a little towards the 'over-cooked' side (for you egg fanatics out there) so there wasn't the usual spill of yolk onto the mince; i still enjoyed it nonetheless because i was pretty hungry!

It was probably mutual agreement on observation and taste, between Kei and I that the savoury type breakfast would be the standout choices on the menu. While the french toast wasn't terribly bad, it wasn't that great either. It was just so ordinary - let's just say that we wouldn't come back here at all for the french toast, but for the savoury breakfast choices we would! So, if you're after something deliciously sweet for breakfast i would probably point you to Dandelion & Driftwood - see my recent visits this year (Waffles & Breakfast Trifle), Pablo (French Toast), Anouk (French Toast) or Campos (Pancake stack).

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Mrs Luu's | Milton

Grilled Pork Roll with Chilli - Banh Mi
(Late post from last last Monday)

Absolutely delicious. I know, it looks like a regular 'roll' with meat, but this juicy grilled meat filled baguette is so delicious. This place is a must try! Banh Mi is a Vietnamese roll - a baguette with a delicious filling of seasoned meat! The grilled pork is pretty amazing, so much flavour, and even eaten with the roll and the salad filling, the sauce is literally dripping out as you eat it.  You white collared workers are so lucky, because they are only open Mon-Fri - i chucked a sickie just so i could have this, haha, just kidding.

They're cleverly situated in Milton, perfect for lunch for all workers who are wanting something relatively cheap, filling and delicious. Say no to maccas and yes to this :P They do serve other sort of Viet food but the Grilled Pork Roll is the only thing i've tried so far. Being the glutton i am, i can imagine myself eating 2-3 of these in one sitting - but you know, i like to be just a *bit* more refined in the public eye.

Price wise - i don't remember, i mean Banh Mi from Inala will be just as delicious and maybe cheaper, but hey, let's not compare - this little joint is pretty impressive. Considering the area Milton is, that is, surrounded mostly by cafes and restaurant type places - i think having this place is a great alternative and refreshing change for lunch!

Also, FYI, the owner's originally were from Trang's in West End, so if you enjoyed the food from Trang's - pretty sure you will like this!

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February 20, 2013

The Ponycat | New Farm

Prosciutto and Scrambled Eggs
Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Another ultra late post from last last weekend. oops.

In some ways Ponycat was a bit less than what i expected, i guess it's because i've heard so much about it that i subconsciously set some expectations! But that's not to say that i didn't enjoy it!

I should say that the first thing that really struck me was the suave casual-ness about this place, everything from the design to the name of this cafe itself sort of just oozes a 'casual' and 'relaxed' sort of weekend vibe. The menu is on the blackboard - with a selection/variation of eggs etc. The fatty and i both ordered scrambled eggs, initially i wanted the prosciutto however the fatty got first dibs so i had to opt for something else! Hence i ended up with salmon! The presentation of the food itself is pretty brilliant; you get what the menu describes the dish as, salmon and scrambled eggs is really just salmon and scrambled eggs. The dishes are very simple and basic in ingredients and flavours, compared to a lot of breakfast places at the moment where a lot of "unique" twists and flavours are thrown in to draw appeal. The focus on the individual ingredients is where the appeal of this place draws me too, there are just some days where you just don't want a too "complicated" breakfast you know? I personally liked what i got, the only thing which i didn't fancy was the type of bread they served with it, it was towards the 'crustier' side where it makes it hard to bite/tear apart to eat with the eggs and salmon. The fatty was probably a bit disappointed, he was expecting something a bit more 'heavier' i suppose.

I like this place, however, compared to places like Pablo, Double Shot, Dandelion & Driftwood, Kettle and Tin, and Paw Paw Cafe, there's just something about these places which make a more firmer impression in my mind. Perhaps it's because with Pony Cat - it's the interior and the vibe which wins me over more so than the food and with the other as aforementioned breakfast places, it is both. I'll need to come back for another visit here to make my mind up! (I've been getting these 'sitting in the fence' opinions from the last few food places i've been too :( maybe i've been ordering things that are too ordinary on the menu! I need to break this streak!)

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February 19, 2013

Dandelion and Driftwood | Again

macarons, coffee & muesli for breakfast :)
single origin coffee blend
(photos from phone... again :( )

Yep, back here again, this was actually last Monday, a weekday this time, and definitely less busy at 9am compared to a weekend visit! But still busy none the less.

I've always walked away from here with positive comments, and this day was no different than usual! Rather than having a savoury breakfast day today, i really wanted to eat the rose macarons that D&D have been posting on their facebook recently! It started a whole craving which has lasted until i could try it! And of course macarons is not breakfast (*shifty eyes*) i guess we had to justify it by also ordering the breakfast muesli! Something moderately 'healthy' to negate the fact that we were eating sweets so early!

The origin blend was also pretty good - a really smooth type of blend, have to be honest though, i enjoyed the blends last week more compared to this one! The 'Honduras Judith' was very creamy in a latte but tasted ordinary compared to the last blend we had on the weekend here! I guess that might just mean i've found a preference in taste of coffee (I would like to think!).

Anyway, my previous visits are here and here!

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February 11, 2013

Flute Fine Food | Coorparoo

smoked salmon omellete 
Spanish Pilaf Breakfast - chorizo spiced rice, white wine sauce and poached eggs
This was breakfast last sunday, actually more brunch, if i recall we actually went out quite late this time!

Flute has actually been on my list of places to go for sometime... i've actually been quite lazy with the list (for awhile now) hence why i've just been spontaneously going to random places to have food... and hence why some photos are only coming out from my phone and not dslr :( hopefully it will pick up again! ergh i'm still in the same position of wanting something ultra compact but not foregoing the quality of dslr -__-;

Well anyway, food! There were a few things on here that actually caught my eye, but i've having these omellete cravings for the past few weeks, and have had a habit of ordering omellete dishes wherever i go, so surprise surprise, i chose the salmon omellete! This omellete was so satisfying, eggy, cheesy and salmony all at once! What i like is that it isn't too cheesy compared to the one i had at Scuzi at Chermside where i ended up eating around the edges to avoid the richness of the cheese! What i also like is the addition of the salmon and salsa tomatos and lime, it makes the omellete less heavy (i mean this omellete is pretty sizeable, maybe 3-4 eggs?) i guess what i mean is, it's like having a steak without salad you know? the flavours can get a bit overwhelming at times! variation!

Kei had the Spanish Pilaf breakfast - that was also the second option i was looking at personally, something substantial with the rice and all! The menu here is quite contemporary in some ways where you still find your big breakfasts' as well as more adventurous kinds of meals - your non-everyday sort of breakfasts' - what i also notice is that for majority of the breakfasts, the servings are quite substantial as well so definitely a go to for the big breakfast eaters out there!

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February 10, 2013

New Shanghai | Brisbane CBD

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling
Shallot Pancake
Stir Fried Chinese Rice Cake with XO sauce and Shredded Pork
Deep Fried Calamari with Salted Duck Egg - unusually bright...
Xiao Long Bao - Pork : skin is a little thick, but surprisingly still good, the soup inside wasn't too oily and you can taste the pork!
Pork Belly braised in Sweet Soy Sauce
Pan Fried Xiao Long Bao
Drunken Chicken & Noodles
All of this food... dinner for one - just kidding - between the 4 of us we pretty much wiped the plates clean. This post is actually long over due, i actually came here last friday, but been having a busy week so most of these posts are a bit back logged -__- ..

Coming on a Friday Night probably isn't the best idea if you want to be quickly seated, despite only being opened for about a month or two, this place has garnered quite the crowd; notably a que is formed with people waiting to be seated.

The menu is quite extensive with varying dishes as well as 'Xiao Long Bao' which is why we primarily came here for.. As you can see from the photos from le phone, we tried a few different dishes, just to see what they're like you know? Out of the 'ordinary' menu items, i would say the deep fried calamari with salted duck egg is my favourite, no the photo isn't decieving, the colouring of the food actually came like that, and yes it looks like a lot of additives/colouring etc, but surprisingly the calamari is pretty tender and was covered with delicious duck egg - i mean correct me if i'm wrong but i didn't think the dish would be that orangey/yellow colour? which leads me to the thought that they *might* have added something... :P the other dishes, the noodles (we ate before i tool a photo) and the pork belly were pretty average, just no wow factor to them, they're the sort of dishes which you can order from most chinese restaurants... 

Comparatively i enjoyed the dumplings more, the pan fried pork dumpling one was surprisingly good, as was the steamed 'Xiao Long Bao'. The skin was towards the thicker side, but despite that i still enjoyed it (compared to ones we tried in Melb, these were much better!). The only down side with having a thicker skin is that it can't absorb the vingar properly :( Even though once the skin is pierced and there is a lot of soup inside, it's not the same eating it without the taste of the vinegar!! The way  like to eat it, is let the Xiao Long Bao 'absorb' the vinga from the bowl then eat it in one bite so that the soup inside doesn't go to 'waste' so to speak, but more so that it taste better with all the soup, vingar an pork inside! The pan fried Xiao Long Bao - looks rather delicious but i have to say i didn't enjoy it as much, the 'skin' on this one was way to thick and i could hardly taste the filling... so a no go for me on that one!

I think the one thing that shows the 'authenticity' of this place is that you can actually see them making it through the glass windows towards the front - with Xiao Long Bao it really is hard to win over everyone, particularly when everyone has their own sort of taste/style on how it is made. While i've been here once, i can't exactly class this place as a 'favourite' but i know that from the menu, i would definitely come back here for the Xiao Long Bao rather than the regular sort of food items.

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