January 14, 2013

Vroom | Fortitude Valley

Spanish Omellete - Chorizo, Grilled Tomato, Spinach and Grilled Mushrooms (extra) with slices of turkish bread and butter
It's hot. Like everyone else in Brisbane - i will also put in my word of thought on this weather, but i'll be blunt. I hate Summer, and I hate beaches (dying from the heat, sun, being sticky from sand sticking all over you, salt in the air making your skin and hair feel gross etc). Yes, i'm totally 'un-australian' and yes my parents probably chose the wrong country to move to; and. I'm totally unashamed at voicing my dislike on this season!! I also have no idea how this lead to a tangent from my supposed breakfast post!

Today was an impromptu late breakfast, at 12 and no place in mind we just wanted to find a park and sit in aircon and eat. Vroom happened to be the closest place and also because it was just too hot to walk around looking for a place to eat! S and I both ordered the Spanish Omellete - it was the time of the day where the mood for 'interesting' breakfasts had past. I was just hungry. So this Spanish omellete was going to be the most creative choice for the matter of trying different breakfast items today! This omellete was pretty generous in serving size: half the plate - and probably one of the most satisfying omelletes i've had in awhile! they definitely weren't being sparse with the ingredients, plenty of mushrooms, tomatos and chorizos! Again, didn't touch the toast, but S had a bite or two of it and apparently isn't the best.

Vroom has more traditional style breakfasts', they don't throw in anything 'exotic' or 'out there' - it's perfect for occasions where you just want something 'ordinary'. It's crazy how a lot of breakfast places get so creative with their menus - or i should say, they reinvent names for traditional dishes in some cases!

Just been looking at some of the previous reviews (some not so good) but our experience was fine, and the food was fine - so maybe we got lucky and also chose the right thing?

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