January 5, 2013

Pearl Cafe | Woolloongabba

Bubble & Squeak Croquettes w/ poached eggs,spinach, pearl providore tomato relish & lemon.
House Smoked Salmon w/ green apple, fennel, soft boiled egg & rye toast
This place has been on my to go list for awhile, and now that K and i are here, coincidentally they have a new summer menu out as well! Not that i knew what was on the old menu though! I love the location of Pearl Cafe, this cafe is located in a strip in a building surrounded by old antique and quirky stores. None of them were open but i'm keen to come back, i love antique stores - i'm always on the hunt for film cameras! But back to the cafe, Pearl Cafe is retro styled, mixed with contemporary furnishings. So it fits into the old building that it is located in quite nicely! 

When these dishes first came out, my first impressions were 'summer', 'light' and 'delicate' - definitely reflecting the decor of the type of place Pearl is as well as the season we are in. The items on the menu are quite non-conventional types, although it does offer the choice of standard 'bacon and eggs' with extras etc. I'm always up to try something different, but the challenge was what to choose, in the end i settled for Salmon dish, sounds normal, only, the servings of green apple and fennel caught my eye! I can sum up my entire meal as 'refreshing' - i can't say i absolutely loved it, but the combination of green apple, fennel, salmon and eggs were definitely different to anything i've tried before. The rye toast was  not what i expected at all! I guess every time i see Rye Toast it reminds me of the thick cut toasts served from when i went to The Burrow for brekky.. so when it came out the rye toast resembled and tasted more like a cracker! it was pretty crunchy and thin for toast! The smoked salmon on its own was fantastic though! Nothing like the packaged salmon you can get from other cafes and the egg was poached (yes, it's not boiled as it says on the menu?) perfectly! However i just don't think it makes it to my favourites - i mean definitely wins in the title of unusual combinations though!! I wish i could of walked away from here with fantastic opinions because of past blogger reviews of the old menu! I might need to come back and try something else! Somehow compared to my unusual combination of flavours.. Kei's dish sounds like it would taste more appealing, but again also gives the impression of a 'delicate' meal.

Sitting on the fence with this one! I guess the 'delicate' servings are indeed European Styled breakfast types as opposed to more substantial servings and heavier on the flavours of breakfast elsewhere. So i do think they did a good job in reflecting the 'culture' of a European influenced bistro (BUT this is just me assuming that european breakfasts are more light weight - i could be totally wrong and making this up :P) I think i need a re-visit to re-affirm a liking to this place! Fingers crossed i choose something that 'wows' me.

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