January 5, 2013

Mundo Churrasco | Bardon

Came here for the Fatty's Birthday on Friday! 

This place is pretty much a carnivore's dream come true. Meat, Meat and Meat. Aside from the tapas and salads that are served initially on arrival that is.  So upon arrival, waiting and then being seated - we were served the tapas; out of all the tapas the cheesy bread was the stand out above all of them. This cheesy bread is different to what you would sort of expect; i assumed that it would be 'soft' and warm etc etc, but it actually is more 'hard and crusty' when you try to bit into it, and the centre doesn't ooze the cheese, rather it's like as if the cheese was baked into the bread (?) so the texture is more 'chewy'. The other entree tapas served were okay - they weren't bad - it's just that they didn't really stand out... after the initial tapas; 3 different salads were bought out as well as Cassava Root, which resembles bread crumbs on first inspection :P But the guy explained to us that you're supposed to sprinkle it over meats to add crunchiness and flavour.
Tapas : Pao de Queijo - gluten free cheesy bread
Entree - Olives, Salami, Rice Ball (?) and not sure what the other one was called!
Cassava Root - to go with meats; adds a bit of crunchiness!
Onwards to the main course of the evening .... which was the meat!! On your table there are these wooden little cork like things, one side is red and one side green... green indicates that you're good for more food and red, the opposite. Waiters literally walked to each table with swords of different cuts of meat, beef, pork, lamb and chicken. The awesome thing is, on each 'sword' each chunks of meat were cooked differently, varying from rare to well done. I probably enjoyed the beef steak cut the most out of all of the different meats, followed by the pork (on the sword), and pork belly (served already cut up from a plate from the waiters) then the lamb, unfortunately i didn't quite enjoyed the chicken! The beef and pork were probably the most tender out of all of them and the ones with most flavouring, but again i suppose that depends on which cut of meat and 'rarity' of how it is cooked.. i found some cuts to be too salty for my liking and some cuts too dry and tough, or too tarred from the bbq.. after awhile the taste of meat is sort of excessive, but i guess that's why there is salad and also roasted vegetables (waiters walk around with the plate serving to people).

They slice off the meat, and you grab the meat with the tongs provided!
Pork Belly

Pudin de Lite - Brazillian version of creme brulee
 I thought the desserts were 'okay'; i mean the creme brulee tasted like creme brulee, nothing really special about it...  - but i have to mention, the churros here are definitely way better than the ones from 'San Churro' - they were crunchy and doughy on the inside and well seasoned with cinnamon!
This place is more of a banquet style dinner, probably more suited for 'smaller' parties... between the two of us it was fine, because the waiter just had to slice twice, but imagine if you had a large seating of 6+ people, i'd imagine the time it would take to go around to each person to cut the meat etc etc. Although it is an all you can eat place, you do get full rather quick because food isn't coming to your table at a constant rate (especially if it is full house).. so obviously while you are waiting, food settles and you become rather full! Overall i did enjoy it, however i would probably prefer korean bbq because it's more fun to cook your own meat rather than wait for people coming to your table cutting up meat for you! 

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