January 29, 2013

Kotobuki Sushi | East Brisbane

Sushi Kotobuki - tempura sushi,  crumbed chicken, cream cheese and avocado
Dragon Roll

Spider Roll
Spider Roll - Soft Shell Crab, crab meat and cucumber, tobiko and special mayo sauce
Ruby Roll - Avocado and cream cheese with fresh tuna and piri piri seasoning
Dragon Roll - Avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese with teriyaki eel
Lion King Roll - crabstick, cucumber and avocado with slightly grilled salmon with cheese on top
This place truly is a treasure tucked away in East Brisbane - Kotobuki is my favourite sushi spot! I've been here several times in the past, it's only now that i thought of to blog about this place - after i came here a few nights ago and saw that they did a bit of a revamp of their store appearance! While store appearance might not suggest much (ie: compared to Sono) you can definitely tell this place is a winner, come lunch time and dinner, ques are forming out the door, people waiting for their order for take away and the phone going off for over the phone orders. I admit, coming to dine here during the busy times probably isn't ideal if you aren't the type that wants to wait too long if you're hungry, but the sushi is absolutely great value for money. I personally prefer Kotobuki over Oiishi (over at sunnybank - i find it overpriced and nothing really that special about it...). There are a few variation of the fusion sushi, and after 3-4 visits and trying majority of the sushi selection (and all of the fusion sushi rolls) i can narrow down my favourites, the Spider Roll and Dragon Roll are my favourites! I love the 'special sauce' on the spider roll which is in fact curry-mayo sauce, it's perfect with the soft shell crab dipped in wasabi and soy! The soft shell crab maintains its crispy-ness! As for the Spider Roll, eel never seems to fail me!  perfect with the avocado and cream cheese! It's not that i don't like the other rolls, but sometimes the use of cream cheese in sushi can be a bit too overwhelming for me...

Also it's so easy to over order with the sushi.. the amounts given are quite generous per plate - we ordered 4 different types of sushi as well as a teriyaki chicken rice dish between the 2 of us and we were pretty full after! So start slow then order more if you're still hungry! As for the other dishes, the rice and noodle ones in the bowls - they aren't too bad - but given you are at a sushi joint, the fusion sushi is definitely the standout here. The sashimi is also quite relatively cheap and tasty but nothing fancy you know?

This place is definitely a regular food place for me!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog, absolutely love it! Keep it up! One of my new favourites :)


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