January 20, 2013

Dandelion and Driftwood | Revist

Waffles w/ berry compote and vanilla ice cream
Kei's coffee: Brew Coffee - the flavours change with the temperature! This coffee had a really strong flavour to it!

I can honestly say that this is the best coffee i've ever had! I know i usually 'standardise' coffees i have with breakfasts', but this time i can definitely single out Dandelion & Driftwood. Their single origin blends are pretty amazing, nothing i've tasted before - the blend i had today was the Costa Rica and the usual Driftwood blend - both of these were so smooth! (Like the first time we came here - the coffees we had today were pretty pleasing!) Being far from a coffee connoisseur; it's quite hard to express in details the flavours etc - so it's really one of these things where you have to taste it for yourself - the great thing is, if you're after a detailed explanation/description of your coffee - each coffee is served with a little card describing your cup! Clever idea! And also, the waiter & waitresses are very good with detailing the coffees available for the day! 

Another reason why we ventured out here again is because of the new items on the menu... The waffles! I don't usually choose sweet items for breakfast, today was an exception though - the waffles were perfect with coffee! Deliciously soft and sweet, and perfect with the tartness of the berries!

If you're adventurous with coffee blends, i'd definitely recommend you give this place a go! D&D is really nice quaint place situated in a sort of suburban housing area! It's also towards the smaller side so it gets busy pretty fast! So first in first serve really!

my first visit here

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