December 17, 2012

Scuzi | Chermside

big breakfast - bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, sausage, hashbrown and toasted bread
chorizo, cheese, tomato omellete with toasted bread
Eating here was very impromptu! (hence why photos are actually from my phone #sadface) Initially Blue Moon Hotel was on the go for breakfast, but unfortunately they didn't do an all day breakfast, hence while we were at Chermside Shopping Centre, we were recommended that this place does (it was around 2pm when we decided to eat :P - most places would have closed the kitchen by now!)

To be honest i probably wouldn't have batted an eye at this place, a) it's in a shopping centre and i don't frequent Chermside that much and b) I would have lumped this place in with all the other 'Fast Food' joints at Chermside - So after our food came out, i was surprised at the substantial size of the servings; my omellete took up half my plate - and what i might have thought to be a 'plain' looking omellete i was really surprised when i had my first bite; it was filled with cheese as well as chorizo and tomato! They were pretty generous with the chorizos as well which is a plus for me! I have to admit, the cheese did get a bit overwhelming so i didn't end up finishing the whole of the omellete; after you hit the half way point.. you sort of start eating on the edges to avoid the cheese... needless to say, the bread also remained untouched. The same goes for the big breakfast S ordered - substantially generous in serving; and again her order is the usual 'traditional' bacon and eggs - definitely can't go wrong there!

^Would recommend this for the 'big eaters' out there; you won't be disappointed (but in having said that i don't know the portion sizes of their other food items!)

I think our impromptu choice was definitely a success! I can't find fault with the food or service here - it's just that i wouldn't have thought to have breakfast in a shopping centre of all places! a very pleasant surprise and what makes the place more attractive is the fact that it is decent food, decent price, and the fact that it is an 'all day breakfast menu' ! I'm surprised i haven't caught wind of this place earlier!

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