December 22, 2012

Sassafras Fine Foods | Paddington

Pesto Greens, Scrambled Eggs & Haloumi with roasted vine tomatoes on toasted turkish bread
plenty of pesto greens 
artsy table numbers given when you order..
a peak of the display of food...
Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Ventured out to Paddington today with C; we actually went there to check out all the antique-y stores - had such a blast looking at everything! The Vinnies there is pretty awesome and the great second hand stores - i didn't find anything to buy but it was just really fun finding cameras, records, clothes and odd bits and pieces! 

So in Paddington i guess this was the second place we past and just decided to eat here - i admit, this has been on my 'To Conquer' list - but just never got a chance to come out this way, and, i never knew where it was in Paddington - so by pure luck today we just past it and decided this is the place for brunch!

The interior of this place reminds me a lot of the Gunshop Cafe - however less organised and more of a 'disarray' style with wooden tables, wooden mismatched chairs and the 'impression' that it is a small cafe - when in fact in spills out into the back where more seats are found. When you first enter you are pretty much greeted with the display cabinet of various salads, sandwiches, muffins, quiches and various food items - again, like The Burrow, Sanitarium Kitchen and Comfort at my Table - you order take your number and then the food comes out. If anything the first thing it reminded me of was like a health food deli of some sort! I ordered the Pesto Greens, scrambled eggs and haloumi and C ordered the Eggs Benedict - we also ordered a fresh juice each; in which we both agreed were pretty fantastic - cold and refreshing - especially on a day as humid as today!

Loved the Pesto Greens and scrambled eggs - it was absolutely delicious - the eggs were soft and buttery and the pesto greens were still crunchy but soft at the same time - the greens consisted of beans, thinly sliced cucumbers and wilted spinach riddled with a generous amount of pesto. As ordinary as it sounds these greens and eggs complimented so well with the haloumi and sides of roasted vine tomatoes it was served with! I even have no complaints about the toasted and buttered turkish bread it was served on (as i usually do!). The servings are substantial so its not a breakfast you walk away still feeling hungry! The Eggs Benedict though quite deceivingly appearing 'small' on the plate - the amount of sauce and salmon it came with was very surprising - i couldn't help but notice the salmon just never seemed to end when C was digging into it! 

This place is definitely a popular place in Paddington for breakfast/brunch/lunch - literally as wel sat down a que formed at the 'counter' to order!

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