December 10, 2012

Sanitarium Kitchen | Brisbane CBD

Lentil & Five Bean Chilli
Homemade Gnocchi 
Love the packaging of this water! - as it is also a takeaway place, there is plenty of bottled drinks, fresh fruit, greek yoghurt with muesli/fruit to takeaway as well as a large variety of salads/sandwiches on display!

Lunch with The Fatty today. Tried something different and bought along my canon ae-1 (film camera) instead of my digital slr today :)

Absolutely enjoyed having lunch here! Healthy lunches, yet not compromising for taste! I had the Lentil & Five Bean Chilli with guacamole and baked tortilla, this is pretty much like a vegetarian version of a 'savoury mince' - i really really enjoyed the crispy tortilla that it was served with, the last couple of times  was a bit disappointed by soggy tortillas that came with the mince dishes - so i was pretty happy when this came out warm and crispy! The dish is very substantial and has a really nice chunky texture (if that makes sense!) It's also served with guacamole, in a sense it felt like i was eating a really healthy (and delicious) version of nachos with guacamole and tomato etc.  

I have to say this time.. the fatty did a good job on choosing what he did, and i admit; i enjoyed his more than mine! The Gnocchi was so good! You can definitely tell it i homemade, the gnocchi is made towards the 'bigger' and chunkier sort of style but it is soft, dense and full of flavour. That goes the same with the artichokes that was in the dish! Garlic-y and juicy! It's also served with fetta, spinach and broad beans, so you get a bit of variety there. I personally couldn't find much to fault with this dish, however the fatty did mention that there weren't too many pieces of gnocchi, but i suppose the 'size ' of the gnocchi sort of makes up for the amount that's there.

This place is quite busy around lunch time, with queues for take-away salad and people lining up to be seated (it's a dine in or takeaway place) - i should also mention this isn't a table service place, similar to The Burrow - as i've mentioned before, you order and pay then sit down and food comes out. The service is quite prompt as well so you aren't left waiting long for food. The menu is quite flexible in that it indicates beside each dish whether it is vegan, gluten free, nut free, superfood, or has a low glycemic index - something which not many cafes/restaurants will do. It definitely makes it easier for the common person without having to question every single dish! Another thing i did wish i tried today was the fresh juice or smoothies! I was regrettably eyeing someone else's .... 

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