December 23, 2012

Le Bon Choix | Paddington

Bamboleo - Mixed Fusion of Mango Mousse, passion fruit and banana jelly
As i've blogged about this place before in the city store, i'm a fan of the cakes from here - not so much the pastry; only because i haven't tried much of it other than the Almond Croissant (which really does live up to recommendations from people!) I shared this beautiful tasty cake with C over at the new Le Bon Choix store in Paddington! The location of this store is in a really nice high ceiling building just off a corner, the interior is bright and victorian like and really reminds me of Laurent Patisserie in Melbourne!

This cake has moved up and i believe is on par with my favourite green passionfruit cake (L'esperance) from here. Although it says banana jelly - you honestly cannot taste much of it, much of the cakes flavour is the delicious mango flavour!! i think the highlight of this cake is the crunchy macadamia base this cake is sitting on! honestly, an awesome combination! sweet and nutty! Again although this is a sweet cake, it isn't sickingly sweet at all, rather it is refreshing! I sincerely hope that this cake isn' a seasonal sort of cake because i would appreciate this cake all year around!

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