December 3, 2012

Le Bon Choix | Brisbane CBD

Almond Croissant
coconut mousse with passionfruit jelly centre and chocolate pearls
this cake is riddled with 'chocolate pearls'
Today was one of those days where i found myself with time left over i suppose - it was also a rare chance for me to just not have to do anything, or rather, not want to do anything! HC would probably refer to it as a Sloth Day. Hence, i decided a visit to Le Bon Choix, a small patisserie in the city. I've actually been here a number of times before and have tried all the cakes on the menu (except for the strawberry - because i don't like strawberry cream flavoured stuff) - but all of those time i just didn't bring my dslr for photos - yes, camera photos just don't cut it for me - high standards and expectations okay? :P I KID. Its just that the purpose of a food blog is to show nice & enticing photos for the viewer you know? well that's what i'd like to (and expect) to see anyway....

My all time favourite here would be the L'esperance - the main flavour in this cake is the passionfruit. I mean, it does say 'coconut mousse' as a centre (info from their site) but you can't taste too much of it. I guess the main stand out point for me is that it has a really light and refreshing flavour - the cake being sweet, but not so sweet that you can't finish it - its actually the kind of sweetness that makes you want to have more! For the chocolate lovers, the inside of the cake is actually also riddled with crunchy chocolate pearl balls which adds to the overall taste of the cake - the tangy passionfruit, smooth cream mousse coupled with chocolate pearl balls - it really adds that bit of crunch! All the cakes here are pretty delicious, but i find myself always coming back to this one because it's not a heavy or too sweet sort of cake.. if you want the more 'sweeter' ones, i would recommend the 'Miroula'.

 I also had the Almond Croissant today - whenever i come here i never order anything else but the cakes.. i guess because that is what it's more popular for... but i have to admit i have heard from a few people recommend the almond croissant. This croissant is surprisingly more on the sweeter side. I did finished the whole pastry but i couldn't have done it without the help of a few sips of coffee... while it's obvious the outside of the croissant is toppled with sliced almonds, it's the inside which really surprised me; the inside is actually filled with an almondy paste(?) - or a paste of some kind! it was sort of hard to tell because i guess the overall pastry was sweet... I really did enjoy it, but, i probably wouldn't have finished it without the help of coffee!

This and Choquette are probably my top two patisseries i enjoy, but in having said that i haven't really tried too many! Banneton in New Farm i've been to but it isn't really comparable, i guess firstly it's more Savoury baked good rather than cakes, they have sweet pastries there as well, but compared to Le Bon Choix and Chouquette, i found the flavours at Banneton a bit more on the 'sweeter-heavier' side where a coffee is a must if you order anything!

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