December 18, 2012

Aquila | Brisbane CBD

Fussili pasta with sundried tomatos, olives, peas, fetta cheese, grated parmesan cheese and red onions.
**didn't bring my camera again T_T i really should invest in a smaller camera... but gah size vs quality of dslr? it just cannot compare for me!

Had lunch with S at Aquila yesterday on Monday - i arrived early and i guess this place is the go to for white collared workers in the City! i felt slightly awkward as i was trying to dignify myself in my skinnies and tshirt (whilst sweltering in the heat) as i walked through to sit myself surround by people all suited up. Felt like i should have yelled out I STUDIED PHARMACY OKAY?! I GRADUATED WITH A DEGREE AT THE AGE OF 21!!!!@!#! just to justify why i was so casually dressed and at a cafe surrounded by well groomed peoples - haha; i kid. I think on any other day i might have cared but at the point when i arrived i just wanted to sit down and have an icy cold drink - i cannot tolerate heat: i don't like summer! 

Apparently coffee here is better than Campos coffee - i'm not a coffee fanatic but there was nothing about this coffee i didn't like - i had my latte over ice and it was pretty fantastic (because it was friggin hot and this icy cold caffeinated beverage was godsend to me). We both ordered the same dish ^ A really simple pasta dish which i felt was perfect for lunch, filling but not too heavy on the stomach. The pasta shape is nothing i've seen before even though it is 'Fussili' which is pretty common shape.. so i can only assume that it is homemade(?). Although the pasta is lacking in sauce, the saltiness of the olives and cheese makes up for flavour; along with the flavour from the sundried tomatos! It's the simple ingredients mixed into this pasta dish which makes it so tasty - the ingredients aren't overwhelmed by sauce so you can actually taste, the cheese, tomato, peas and olives separately!  I know after seeing the pizza and salads being served to other customers that i will definitely be back to have lunch here!

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